Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Qalaysiz! Salom! (Hi, Good Afternoon) Dinner at Zeffir Uzbek Russian Restaurant

It was one of those days where Cuchi wanted to take a walk through the streets of Little India and have a look at some of the night scene over there. While strolling through, she noticed something unique along Dunlop street. Surprise surprise! There is an Uzbek Russian resturant call Zeffir right here! Cute Cute and Cuchi went in and got a namecard and little did they know that after a week, they were back to try the food there.
Zeffir's logo
Excited by the notion of going to an Uzbek restaurant, Cute Cute could not help but recall how he was introduced to Uzbekistan because of Borat... Heh Heh... The interior was very homely and it emitted a very warm feel. Patrick, the owner, also made sure that we were comfortable. 

Not really sure what to order, Patrick noted the lions' curiosity and puzzled look and came over to recommend them what to order. After listening, the lions ordered the Borsh, Lagman Zeffir (A noodle dish), homestyle potatoes, Kompote (apple and plum drink) and a Napolean dessert. Initially the Plov (a rice dish) was to be ordered but they were still cooking it and the waiting time was one hour. Darn...
The Kompote came first and it was refreshing, kinda of reminds Cuchi of the san zha drink but a lighter version of it.

Looking at the surroundings while waiting, the lions also noticed that it was Uzbeks who are cooking in the kitchen. Some of them peeked out to converse with Patrick and serve the lions. A little Uzbek boy was watching Russian Tv while having his dinner.... adds to the Russian feel. Hahaha! The Borsh came first and it was different from the Borsh that the lions had ever seen. Patrick explained that the Borsh should be mixed with the sour cream to get the correct Borsh taste. The Borsh was savory with a hint of sourness and it was one of the best Borsh that Cute Cute has ever tried. Lagman Zeffir was up next. The appearance looked like a semi soupy beef noodle. It looked simple but surprisingly it was unique. Cannot really put a description to the taste. It was just a little savory but you can taste the beef when you take parts of the beef. The potatoes and beef came up nice and tasty. Reminded Cuchi of a Chinese dish but Patrick explained that the potatoes were cooked first and placed on top of the beef. Well the lions did enjoy all the main courses and every last bit was eaten up.

Lagman Zeffir

Tuffy cannot wait to get his paws on the beef inside
Finally in came the dessert, Napolean dessert, a sweet multi layered dessert. The lovely sweet paste in between the dessert was a combination of condensed milk and cream, mixed to the right texture. The pastry used was a mystery though....
Furry dessert
It was a shame that the Plov was not tried that day. Looks like the lions will be back for more exotic food!

Here is our review for Zeffir

Food quality: 8.0 pawprints out of 10 (Very homely!)
Ambience: 7.5 pawprints out of 10(Very homely as well too!)

Specials that you should try: Borsh, Plov, potatoes and beef

For those who are interested in going there, here is the address and website

Zeffir Uzbek Russian Restaurant
70 Dunlop Street
Singapore 209398
Tel: 6396 0818

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