Thursday, May 31, 2012

Walking down the Streets of London

London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down.... Well that's why the Lions were at Streets of London. When the lions decided to go to Bukit Merah Library, they chanced upon Streets of London which looked really interesting. Piqued by their curiosity, they returned to check out what Streets of London has to offer.
When they entered, the lions were greeted warmly by Chef Thomas, the owner of Streets of London. Specialising in English food, Streets of London aim to provide quality food at very decent prices and decent are they! Fish and Chips, Grilled Chicken Chop and the list goes on.

Cute Cute decided to try the IPA Grilled Chicken and Cuchi, the Roasted Rack of Lamb. Of course, Cuchi had to ordered her mushroom soup as she suddenly felt like an English Lioness and requires a full course.
Roasted Rack of Lamb
One of Chef Thomas's specialty. Cute Cute still recalled that Chef Thomas was very humble about his Rack of Lamb saying that lamb was not his specialty. However, lion was very impressed by the Rack of Lamb. There was no gamey taste and the lamb was very tender. Marinated very well that a slight sweetness could be tasted along with the char grilled sensation. Another surprise was that the side dishes was done very well too. Looking plain, the vegetables were in fact not plain at all. Nice and juicy with a tinge saltiness. 
Can I have some.....pleeeese..?
IPA Grilled Chicken
Another classic of Chef Thomas. Soaked and marinated for a period of time in IPA (Indian Pale Ale), the chicken chop was so fragrant and juicy that even Singa wanted a piece of it. Not too sure how Chef Thomas does it, but he managed to lock in the IPA taste in the chicken. Every bite was flavorful. 
Mushroom Soup
When the mushroom soup came, Cuchi was quite surprised by the size. It was quite large and good for 2 people. Although nice and creamy, it was a bit bland.

Cute Cute and Cuchi has more reviews on Streets of London's dishes. However Lion was so engross on his food that he forgot to take photos of the following dishes. Nevertheless here are the reviews.

House Burger
Another recommendation by Chef Thomas. The house burger was large and the bacon add wonders to the burger. Burger fans should go for this.

Sirloin Steak
When asked about his Sirloin Steak, Chef Thomas was very enthusiastic about it. This Sirloin Steak really came as a surprise to Cute Cute. Something simple like the raw Sirloin Steak can be transformed into something out of this world. Of course, it is not like wagyu but Streets of London's Sirloin steak stood out on its own. Really recommended to try.

Here is our review for Streets of London
Food quality: 8.5 pawprints out of 10
Ambience: 6.5 pawprints out of 10

Specials that you should try: Roasted Rack of Lamb, Sirloin Steak, IPA Grilled Chicken,

For those who are interested in going there, here is the address:

Streets of London
Blk 161 Bukit Merah Central, #01-3725 
Singapore 150161
Tel: 6377 0850

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