Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Putting on the Kilo

Bored at night with nowhere to go and staring into blank space?
Located along the lower stretch of the Kallang River, Kilo is situated at Kampong Bugis in an old industrial building that houses Loysel's Toys as well. When you first arrive, you might be wondering where Kilo is until you see a nondescript grey lift hiding rather shyly in a corner and Kilo's discreet logo beside it.
K (the two triangles) marks the spot!
As the Lions went up, they were quite surprised that the lift opened right into Kilo's cosy premises. The raw industrial feel of the restaurant with unfinished surfaces and simple cement flooring gave the place a casual but trendy vibe. Ventilation was totally au natural, a lovely change from the "canned air" that the Lions were used to in most restaurants. When dining, you can admire the view of the Kallang River and take in the cool evening breeze. This is definitely a good place for a romantic night's out.

The Lions came in a group of seven so that they could sink their teeth into a variety of food. Mr Business Times was getting hungry so in came the orders....

Fresh Figs topped with Danish Cheese, Roasted Walnut and Bacon
This fig dish was a hit with the ladies due in part to the lovely presentation.... Taste-wise it was a well-balanced combination of both sweet and salty. The chef had also artfully used bacon to simulate the figs' skin.

Laphroaig Beef Tartare with Raw Quail Egg Yolk and French Fries

Cute Cute absolutely loved this dish. Rawr! The beef was so tender and it was perfumed with a subtle hint of peaty Laphroaig whiskey. The best part was breaking the raw quail egg over the beef and feeling it go smoothly down the throat.

Squid Ink Rice with Prawn and Squid + Egg Yolk
The squid ink rice was Cuchi's favourite dish as it was umami-packed and infused with the fresh flavours of the ocean.The egg yolk was an interesting addition and it gave the dish further textural dimension.

Angel Hair with Cream of Bistro
Now this dish did not live up to the Lions' expectations but the rest of the group loved it...The Angel Hair pasta tasted rather bland to him and the small ebiko prawns did not give the dish the much-needed boost of flavor. Overall, it was alright but not a dish the Lions would order again.

Grilled Lamb Rack with Marsala Wine Sauce, Crostini and Roasted Vegetables
Cuchi found the lamb rack wonderful. It was tender and had none of the unwelcomed gaminess. The interesting sweet marsala wine sauce also complimented the lamb well.  A masterful showcase of both Eastern and Western influences.

Salmon Sushi + Crispy Chicken Skin
Finally something that everybody loved! The Salmon Sushi looked deceivingly humble but was executed with finesse. The salmon was fresh and the crispy chicken skin right smack in the middle was a delightful crunchy surprise.

Chilli Lime Spicy Pork Salad
The portion of spicy pork was generous and the mixed greens were crunchy and fresh with a refreshing hint of citrus lime.

The overall experience was memorable. The ambience was outstanding and the food fantastic. Think the Lions need to shave some kilos off their bellies before coming back for seconds.

Here is our review for Kilo:

Food Quality: 8.0 pawprints out of 10
Ambience: 7.5 pawprints out of 10
Specials that you should try: Be Adventurous!

For those who are interested in going there, here is the address:

66 Kampong Bugis
Singapore 338987
Tel: 6467 3987

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