Sunday, April 14, 2013

Rock a bye Baby at Rokeby

When you are busy at work, time really flies and once again Cute Cute and Cuchi found themselves staring into the start of the weekend - Friday night! But that night was slightly different. Ms Bees, Cute Cute's colleague, was wondering if she could crash one of the Lions' food hunt and observe how things are done. The Lions welcomed her but informed her that there are no flowers for Bees before they went off. =)
After a round of drinks to start their weekend, the Lions decided to bring Ms Bees to Jalan Riang for Rokeby. Pretty unsure what they are up against, the Lions simply flew over to Rokeby to have a go at their food.

''Oooo so exciting.." said Ms Bees as the Lions flew across terrace houses before a row of quaint shophouses appear in front of them. No surprises that all the eateries along Jalan Riang were packed including Rokeby but fortunately enough, the Lions managed to get a table in there for dinner. Interior decor was more straightforward compared to their hipper counterparts, maybe it was a way to distinguish themselves. Nevertheless, the Lions found out that Rokeby is also a coffee joint and that perked Cute Cute up immediately.

Long Black:
Not so heavily bodied, smooth and light with an ashy hint. Not a bad cuppa, I must say!

Latte was pleasantly good. The milk did not overpower the coffee despite the coffee being not so heavily bodied.

After a round of coffee, the food was served.
The baby lions are back!
Rokeby Salad
The Lions ordered the Rokeby Salad to start things off. And since the salad was named after Rokeby maybe it was something special. Well.... it kinda of just taste like a plain salad. Maybe the salad needed more dressing. The Alfalfa dressing on top was a nice touch though.

The Carbonara was not too bad. Not too dry but Cuchi lamented that she wished that there was more creamy sauce in the pasta. Cute Cute however, liked the part where one has to break the yolk and stir it into the pasta.
Fish and Chip
The fish and chips was a bit too salty for their liking. In fact, the Lions found out that it was the batter that was salty and not the fish.

Rokeby is a nice cosy place to hang out and chill out since it is isolated. The coffee is decent and goodness me, they do not charge GST and service charge! This time round the Lions didn't really have a ball of a time with the food, but Cute Cute did see that the burger dish at the other tables was popular. Perhaps, another visit is in order.

Here is our review for Rokeby:

Food Quality: 6.5 pawprints out of 10
Coffee Quality: 7.5 pawprints out of 10
Ambience: 7.0 pawprints out of 10

For those who are interested in going there, here is the address:

15-9 Jalan Riang
Singapore 358987
Tel: 9106 0437

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