Sunday, June 23, 2013

Things to do in Edinburgh

The Lions were so blessed to be in the United Kingdom for their holiday. One of the destination that the Lions went was the Scottish capital of Edinburgh. So here is some of the things that they have done during their short stay in Edinburgh.
1) Try out Scotland's specialty: Haggis! (It is the brown mince on the left) Roary cannot wait to give it a try.
2) Check out the Scottish kilt and how much the whole set cost!
3) Having some of the world's most haunted places, pluck up your courage and go for a City of the Dead tour in Edinburgh.
4) Relive the days of Robert the Bryce by visiting Edinburgh Castle
5) Visit the birthplace of Harry Potter, The Elephant House, and see whether you can get inspiration a la JK Rowling.
6) Go for the whiskey experience for an educational session in whiskey tasting. After all, Scotch whiskey comes from Scotland right?
7) Visit the world's largest private Scotch whiskey collection

8) Buy ice cream out of an ice cream truck just like in story books
9) Try another Scottish specialty, Scottish Smoked Salmon, and be wowed by it

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