Thursday, October 10, 2013

S(he)brews a Mean Cuppa

A sweltering hot and overcast day did not stop the Queen of the beasts from heading down to her favourite neighbourhood estate for a regal cuppa. She wanted to check out a little gem of a hideout that is currently on the Bettr Week coffee crawl trail.

Wake up sleepyhead! Time for your caffeine shot!
Gingerly stepping into the quiet compound. It looks pretty deserted...
This looks familiar. Where have I seen you before?
Oh yes, on exhibit at the library!
More informative exhibition boards
kept in a sad and dusty corner. Auction them off, I say.
Whew! The relieved coffee pilgrim hits gold.
Cosy little haven to quench thirsty and fill hungry souls.
Cuchi feels welcomed already with the homely touches.
Taking refuge from the heat and humidity outside.
No aircon here folks, but it is delightfully cool and shaded here.
Cuchi chooses the "best"spot in her opinion.
The chairs in her favourite colour might have had a hand
in her decision.
Homemade specials for every day of the week.
Dishes include: Devil's Curry (oh my goodness! yums!),
Ayam Kurma, Mutton Kheema, Oyster Sauce Chicken and
Nyonya Laksa. Wow the multi-cultural dishes
almost cover the whole gamut of ethinic groups here like
Eurasian, Indian, Malay, Chinese and Peranakan.
Meow! Love the mismatched furniture and
quirky knick knacks.
Too bad! Her other half is not here with her so Cuchi is not
able to order a food dish today due to her smallish stomach.
Oh well, coffee and a slice of cake will do for now.
I spy a food blogger?
Admiring the space over a leisurely cuppa.
Gourmet tea selection available.
Beans from Haaya's paired with the skilled hands of a trained
barista equates to liquid gold. Coffee is definitely on par with the
more well-known indie joints. That's the beauty of this under-the-radar
joint. It's unpretentiously cool. Coffee savoured and  gone in
a blink and a wink. Last slice of orange pound cake, a little dry,
offered to the grateful lioness at a discount.

Great coffee and an unpretentious cafe with a heart for social enterprise. What's there not to like? Kudos to the owner, Florence. Will be back for grub.

365 Commonwealth Avenue
Queenstown Community Centre
Singapore 149732

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