Saturday, December 11, 2010

United Nations of Coffee Culture

On our way to satisfy chocolate cravings at nippon-inspired Blue Ribbon Chocolates, we stumbled upon this little furball along Kandahar Street. "Puteh" is what they call her, we find that mighty fitting. What do you think?

As it began to pour heavily, we took refuge at The Coffee Nations boasting a wide-range of coffee styles across the globe. We opted for the Siphon Coffee which is said to be clean, crisp and smooth compared to coffee made from other brewing techniques. This baby was invented by Loeff of Berlin in the 1830s. I must say that I do agree. My cuppa was smooth, rich and aromatic.

Honey Cafe con Leche

We huddled together on the carpet with cosy cushions in a corner, keeping warm from the rain.  Deciding that one cuppa was hardly indulging, we took a chance on the Honey Cafe con Leche, a variation of cafe latte being drunk in Spain. Hmmm.... only for the adventurous palate though ...... it tasted like "Dissolved Marie Biscuits" in the words of my companion.

Incy Wincy Spider bathing in the Rain
Will be back to try their Turkish Coffee in a traditional Turkish pot (Ibrik) and Chinculilla, a drink named after the wife of the Mexian god of war and infused with peach liquor and honey.

The Coffee Nations
17 Bali Lane
Singapore 189853

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