Sunday, February 26, 2012

Adventures in Penang Part 1: Gurney Drive

Seems like it has been a busy month for the lions as they have been exploring nooks and crannies and was surprised by the many things that Singapore has to offer. On top of that, Cute Cute the lion has the pleasure of flying to Penang with friends to enjoy what treasures the little island can offer.
Gurney Drive
Being a very blessed group together, they were given the chance to actually stop by Gurney plaza which is beside Gurney Drive Hawker Centre. Cute Cute being the curious kind, started to sniff out the unique and the eye catching. First stop was to a bar where Jaz beer was served from a miniature keg to keep the freshness intact. Comes in 2 pints per keg, the beer was fresh, unfiltered and unpasteurised. Taste exactly like an enhanced version of Hoegarden.
After a round of drinks, Cute Cute zig zaged his way down to Gurney Drive Hawker Centre which is a stone's throw away. There was a problem when he reached there though.... what is good there? Seems like almost everything looks good. Being daring, lion just reached out to an Assam Laksa stall grabbed a bowl and with his other paw, reached out to get a Muta Kuching 羅漢果 drink.
Penang Assam Laksa
Mata Kuching
After settling down on a table, Lion tucked in... The Assam Laksa was so full of the sardine flavor and the sourness of the laksa is just right. Those together with the nice chewy consistency of the noodles makes the assam laksa a tongue tingling dish that should be tried while in Penang. While lion was enjoying, it began to drizzle a bit and lion saw two old Penang tigers being stranded on their unsheltered table. Being friendly, he beckoned them to share the table with him. The Penang tigers did not just bring their food along, they also brought their warmth. They shared their rojak, boiled cockles and their food experiences with lion! Only favor from the Lord can grant all these!! The rojak was nice and sweet, the prawn paste was thick enough and it covered the ingredients thoroughly.
Char Kway Tiao
After having a enjoyable time with the Tigers, the Tigers left and lion found his bunch of friends sitting at another table. Joining them, lion shared some of the food and using his new found knowledge of Penang food, he also bought something really unique.
Horny Shells
These horny spike shells were recommended by the Penang Tigers. Having boiled for about 1 minute or so, the dish was ready. Takes a certain skill to eat these creatures though... you have to use a toothpick, pierce the soft part and pull them out. Amazingly, they taste really good, you can definitely expect the taste of the sea in there.
Focus on the middle.... The centre of attraction is the Stingray
Nightfall comes just before the prawn noodles and satay
The number of hawker food is so many that it is mind boggling. Would need a few more trips to Penang until most of the items are covered. Definitely something that Cute Cute would love to do.

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