Sunday, February 26, 2012

Adventures in Penang Part 2: Toh Soon Cafe

Feeling very cooped up in the hotel in Penang, Cute Cute wanted to run out to explore and more importantly find good coffee places.... Finally he got a chance.....
Cooped up and waiting for the door to be opened....

And off he goes!!! Still in Penang with his friends, Cute Cute read about a quaint coffee joint at Campbell road which is quite near to his hotel. While zooming out, he bumped into Ms Sharing Love and Mr and both requested a cup of coffee to wake them up.... Request accepted....
Wasn't long till lion found the place... A hole in the wall, Toh Soon Cafe is actually located along an alley way but very prominent should you walk past. Being very old school, Toh Soon Cafe gives a very homely and neighbourly feel that you would feel just at home but in the timelines of 1970s.

Metal tables?! Those are rare nowadays...
Now what's unique here? (Apart from the place itself) The coffee here is brewed using charcoal fire which gives it a slightly nice burnt taste. Coffee itself was very smooth, just a hint of slight bitterness as your tongue gets its first contact with it. The toasted bread with fillings of kaya and butter was amazingly crispy despite its thickness. Lion also believed that the bread was toasted over the charcoal fire. One single contraption that handles 2 different tasks!
A master at work
Charcoal stove

While waiting for his coffee, Lion had the pleasure of speaking to the owner of Toh Soon Cafe. Found out that they have a facebook page and fans following... Judging by the number of customers they have, Lion is not surprised that they are really one of the most popular coffee joint in Penang if not Malaysia.

Here is our review for Toh Soon Cafe

Coffee quality: 8.5 pawprints out of 10
Food quality: 8.5 pawprints out of 10 
Ambience: 8 pawprints out of 10 (Subjective cause Lion likes the old school feel)

Specials that you should try: Coffee and toast

For those who are interested in going there, here is the address

Toh Soon Cafe 
Penang, Malaysia
Campbell Street

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