Thursday, March 15, 2012

Feel the Love at Casanova Pizza Bar

Love is in the air. As Cute Cute and Cuchi count down to their 2nd Wedding Anniversary celebration where they are looking forward to a huge Smoke Out (another post coming soon!), they want to share about this little under-the-radar pizza joint in the West christened "Casanova Pizza Bar". It's such a pity that family-run havens like this are not enjoying more recognition.

If you crave a little Italian nosh, family-style, you might want to head here where signature pizzas on top of the usual pastas on the menu, etc, are absolutely mouth-watering even without the traditional wood-fired oven!

Lovely low-rise flats set in the halcyon charm of Ghim Moh estate.
Cosy and homely ambience
Casanova Pizza Bar is nestled humbly below a block of low-rise flats in a serene estate. Can't imagine that bustling Holland Village is just minutes away. You can choose to sit inside or alfresco, we would recommend the latter as you can fully take in the languid pace as night falls and colours the estate in a dreamy shade of blue. Perfect for a casual romantic date or even dinner with a group of friends to chill and catch up. The no-frills pizza bar is run by a quiet Black African lady, Christina.
Table setting creatively uses the humble brown hawker take-away paper,
a nod perhaps to the estate famous for her down-to-earth eats.
Wine & Beer available
Enjoy the colours of night fall.
 Just like a huge curry puff! Choose the Calzone pizza with a crispy crust
encasing a tomatoey ham and cheese filling.

Creme Brulee - sweet, comforting end to the meal.

The ultimate pleaser - no service charge or GST. Prices are really reasonable. Hope that more folks will support this gem.

Casanova Pizza Bar
21 Ghim Moh Road
Singapore 270021
Tel: 6465 1338

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