Saturday, April 7, 2012

Semarang Delicacies

The Lions had the pleasure of being invited to Mr Isk's new home for a house warming and post CNY party. As Mr Isk hails from a city called Semarang in Indonesia, the lions were treated to delicacies from Semarang.
Bandeng Presto Juwana (Milk Fish)
Stewed Pork Belly
The food were home-made novelties. The milk fish (Bandeng Presto Juwana) is a crispy fried fish that can be eaten bone and all. It went very well with the accompanying chilli. The stewed pork belly just melted in the mouth. Mr Isk said that the pork belly is a well-guarded family recipe so mum's the word. 
Hakka Pork and Prawn Ball
Fish Maw Soup
Now the Hakka Pork and Prawn Ball was a umami-packed dish that complemented the grilled and stewed dishes. It was delightful, if only the lions had eaten it hot. The last dish was the fish maw soup which was also unlike the usual traditional Chinese fish maw soup. Swimming with lots of ingredients, the fish maw soup was light yet flavourful. 

With just these few outstanding food items, the lions' interest was piqued. There should be more interesting food located in the city of Semarang... Looks like Cute Cute has more flying to do....

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