Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy Mew Year! Looking Back on the Best of the Best!

Blessed 2013, folks!

The lions look back at the places that have won a spot in their hearts ... ...
Favourite Spots that Have Hit the Right Notes:
Best Cafe for Ambience: Yahava
Best Cafe for Brunch: Sarnies
Best Cafe for Desserts: Wimbly Lu
Best Cafe for a Hideaway: Létoile
Best Cafe for Java: Geisha Specialty Coffee
Best Cafe for Late Nights: Ogopogo
Best Cafe with a Personality: 7 Kickstart Brewiches
Best Cafe for Service: The Broers Cafe
Best Cafe for Tea-time: Carpenter and Cook
Most Underrated Cafe: Double Shots
Favourite Barista: Haryanto Soemito from The Fabulous Baker Boy

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