Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Expressonists at La Ristrettos

Cute Cute still remembered when Cuchi asked him whether is there a cafe at Novena Medical Centre. And his reply was 'How can there be a cafe at the medical centre? Novena square you mean?' Fast forward another week and Cute Cute realised that Cuchi's hunch was true. Still feeling a bit skeptical, Cute Cute flew Cuchi down to check it out.
A pretty odd position for a kitty. Could be an itch.
Ah... Now at rest....
Surprisingly, La Ristrettos is located on the 8th floor of Novena Medical Centre. When you come out of the lift, you will be greeted by metal sculptures and renovations befitting a medical centre. So just imagine Cute Cute's surprised look when he saw La Ristrettos after walking past a surgery centre.

That was the Lions' first visit to La Ristrettos and the buzz in La Ristrettos made the Lions feel that they were not in a medical centre. La Ristrettos is also connected to a back garden which has bamboo plants and a small pond. 

It was a saturday and very crowded at La Ristrettos. Fortunately, the Lions managed to grab a seat by the glass wall before they proceeded with the ordering. 

The after math of a meal.
Unique way of serving pastries... on wood!
Of course, those photos of food were not eaten by Cute Cute but he stole a few shots of it when he got the chance. Seems like pastries there move very fast, before the Lions could order a few, they were all gone. But fret not, La Ristrettos did have their mains to entertain the Lions' stomach. 
Long Black
An excellent cuppa. The long black was strong and fully bodied. Using Cafe Agust Beans, an organic fair trade brand of beans, La Ristretto's long black is a good coffee to perk you up.
Garden Salad
As you can see from Cute Cute's face, it seems like he did not really enjoy the salad because he is a carnivore. But looks can be deceiving. Cute Cute did enjoy the garden salad. A vinaigrette salad with poached egg on top, the salad was very fresh and very easy to eat.
Flat White
Cuchi enjoyed her cup of flat white. Surprisingly, the blend that La Ristrettos use, tasted well in both milk base and non milk base coffee.

Seafood Angelhair Pasta
The pasta was so tasty! The amount of seafood given in the pasta was very generous. Cuchi loved every morsel of it. The pasta was soft and the tomato base sauce that went with it was tangy and not too sweet. 
Words of wisdom at La Ristrettos
La Ristrettos is indeed a hidden joint in Novena. If you are in the area and would like to have real coffee, just head up to Novena Medical Centre 8th floor for two shots of coffee from their expressonists.

Here is our review for La Ristrettos:

Coffee Quality: 8.0 pawprints out of 10
Food Quality: 7.5 pawprints out of 10
Ambience: 8.0 pawprints out of 10

For those who are interested in going there, here is the address:

La Ristrettos
10 Sinaran Drive, #08-37
Novena Medical Centre
Singapore 307506
Tel No : 6397 7165

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