Thursday, September 19, 2013

Central Park in the Lion City

Cute Cute was just reminiscing about his carefree school days when he read about a newly opened restaurant serving honest, wholesome and organic meals nestled in the heart of UTown - NUS University Town. It was in his university days that he befriended Cuchi, now his beloved wife. Time certainly flies, that was a good ole ten years back. He decided to head down to see how things have changed, and of course to find out why a restaurant situated in a place of higher learning here would be named after a famous spot in New York City.

Overcast and cloudy skies weave a sleepy spell during the
weekend. But the thought of a good brunch is enough to
 wake lazy fur balls. Rise & Shine!
The new UTown is certainly charming with its wide open spaces and greens.
As they explored the place, the lions both agreed that it has the vibe of an
overseas campus, much like those in the West.
Facing a huge open field, it is not hard to miss Central Park restaurant
with its humble bright orange chairs. The brainchild of Miss Sandra Lee who
is purportedly the only chef in Singapore trained in raw vegan cuisine, Central Park
pays homage to her days in the Big Apple. The restaurant uses fresh, organic and
sustainable produce in a changing menu that includes meal options for vegans and
vegetarians. If you don't like your greens (shame on you!), tuck into their
seafood dishes instead. There are no meat dishes available here though.
After placing orders, patrons can grab a good read from the
restaurant's stash of books and magazines displayed on a table
Simple and unpretentious interior inside. The lions
choose to sit outdoors for fresh air and people-watching.
The hand-cut sweet potato fries are so addictive with their
natural sweetness; no accompanying sauce needed.
This salmon dish served on a bed of fusilli pasta was
perfectly executed without the use of much marinate to
emphasise freshness.
The highlight of the meal was surprisingly the humble mushroom soup with
a hint of truffle oil! The soup, with its clean, wholesome flavours, did justice
to the fresh, organic ingredients used. Nothing fancy here but this underrated
restaurant is huge on simple, fresh flavours. Cuchi thought that it reminded her
of a lighter and "greener" version of the hearty meals served at The Big Sheila.

This underrated spot with its lovely outdoorsy ambience by the field definitely deserves much more limelight. Check out their desserts as well. A straightforward chocolate avocado tart, finished in a few mouthfuls by the lions, is testament that simplicity is best here. A repeat visit is in the works.

Central Park
No. 2 College Avenue West
Stephan Riady Building
#01-09, UTown
Singapore 138607

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