Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sweet Respite at The Marshmallow Tree

Rainy days are here again. The lions really love the fresh grassy scent of nature after a shower. The cool weather also gives them a great excuse to retreat for a warm cuppa and indulge in a good read at a neighbourhood cafe. The Marshmallow Tree is a favourite hideaway for them recently. It joins Maple & Market, Ciel Patisserie and Creamier as one of the more charming nooks nestled under a nondescript block of flats. The heartlands are certainly evolving.  

The Marshmallow Tree is like a whimsical playground of everything fun that one loves in childhood. A charming indoor swing, Narnia-like lamp posts, carpet grass, colourful graffiti on a chalkboard and rainbow cushions on mismatched furniture complete the idyllic scene here. To sweeten the experience, get your fingers sticky on a gooey stick of roasted marshmallow served in an oh-so-cute lilliputian ceramic pot with every drink order. There are not many savoury items on the menu though, so this a place for serious sugar-holics. Try their dessert of the day, we had the absolutely sinful Domo Cup of marshmallows, cream cheese and mars bar. The coffee's is pretty decent and the waffles are great as well. Cuchi was literally staring at the rose latte with its sexy pink colour at another table, she hoped that she was not too rude. Another day, perhaps.

 the Marshmallow Tree
46 Telok Blangah Drive
Singapore 100046

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