Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Why so Generous, Fratini?

The lions met up with Mr Business Times and the makan gang, this time for an Italian feast at Fratini La Trattoria. They went for the assaggini (small plates) menu that featured a delightful flow of 12 Italian-style tapas for $70++. This experience is best savoured in a communal way with friends over hearty conversation and wine. The Barolo wine selected for the evening was excellent and the gang thoroughly enjoyed themselves with Chef Gabriel Fratini and his wife popping over to exchange witticisms and ensure that everybody was well-fed and satisfied. In his words, "Nobody leaves this place unhappy or hungry!" Glad the guy's back after more than a decade long hiatus. Do not expect haute cuisine here but straight-forward, accessible cooking done with Chef Fratini's signature non-traditionalist touches.

No fixed menu at Fratini; the food served depends on the day's
produce found at the market, freeing the chef to be absolutely creative.
Sexy... Now the meal commences after the wine is poured... ...
First up: Crab Salad with peppers and olives, and a light drizzle of truffle oil.
Prawn Cocktail in passion-fruit.
Seared Scallop in porcini sauce.
Squid with chick peas.
Fried Baby Octopus.
White Bait Omelette.
Beef Carpaccio with Tuna Sauce
Chicken stuffed with cheese and vegetables.
Baked razor clams.
Breaded Fish.
Braised Pork Ribs.
Seafood Fettuccine with crayfish and prawns.
Poached Pear with spices.
Passion fruit and chocolate tarts.
Tiramisu. - one of the best versions on the island
attested by the tiramisu-crazy Mr Causeway.

One of the downsides of dining without a menu for reference is that it's hard to take specific notes eg. the exact type of fish served, the ingredients of the accompanying sauces, etc. The busy wait staff was also too harried that evening (full house!) to explain the dishes clearly. Truth be told, the lions felt that the desserts somewhat eclipsed the rest of the more straight-forward dishes. But this Italian establishment certainly remains unrivalled in terms of value. Count the dishes served (from the pictures). Yup, they were so generous, they sneaked in more than 12 items. Well, it's a promise that patrons will leave absolutely satiated and happy!

Fratini La Trattoria
10 Greenwood Avenue
Hill Crest Park
Singapore 289201

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