Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Best & Greasiest Lasagna at Benito's Pizzeria

Just before the start of the Lunar New Year festivities, the two lions succumbed to the goodies-no-enough temptation. Even though they were gladly inundated with containers of festive sweets and goodies by thoughtful friends, they still craved for that familiar bite. Yup, they had to travel all the way to Telok Blangah Rise for their pineapple tart of choice. The lioness' late Indonesian-born granny used to bake these babies for a living and Teck Neo's version by far is the closest in taste to those that used to come out of the oven at home. 

Their plans were soon derailed when they spotted a new neighbourhood pizzeria just beside Teck Neo and got sucked in trying to figure out if it was worth a try. By the time they had examined the menu and made the decision to stay for dinner, Teck Neo had shuttered for the day and would only open till after the holidays. Oh bother!

The lions were saved from their favourite calorie-laden tarts but oh no!
a timely distraction at Benito's Pizzeria with pastas, pizzas and lasagna.
We hope that it's worth the try!
Pizzas, pastas and some sides that include your usual onion rings and
wings. No GST and service charge here.
Benito's takes its slogan of "We welcome family" (sic)
seriously. There's a little play area of rainbow balls to
keep kids entertained while parents watch
re-runs of "Friends" on TV. Very homely vibe.
Coffee is available but the lions didn't give it a try
that night.
The Challenge: spicy sauce, mushrooms, ground beef,
beef pepperoni, onions, peppers and mozzarella.
Pizza snobs will lament that the dough's not the authentic,
chewy Italian dough. Still, it was a semi-thin crust pizza  
and quite tasty. (9-inch $20.90/12-inch $25.90)
Seafood Marinara: prawns, clams, smoked salmon cooked
in a spicy tomato sauce ($10.90) Hearty portion of prawns
and clams. This was absolutely heavenly as the sauce
was infused with strong, piquant seafood flavours.
Beef Lasagna: layers of lasagna topped with beef ragu, bechamel sauce
and finished with mozzarella and cheddar. ($10.90).
This was probably one of the best lasagna the lions and companions
had ever tasted. The lion loved the crusty bits of cheese that had
sorta caramalised at the side. And the layers were bathed in glorious oil.
Really sinful and yet after a few mouthfuls, it was not cloying on the palate
at all. Garfield would approve. Be prepared to wait a little longer for your
food here though.

Ironically, for a pizzeria, the pasta and lasagna dish overshadowed the meek pizza. The piece de resistance here is definitely the greasily divine lasagna. The lioness was a true convert after a few bites even though she would usually avoid ordering this plebian dish at Italian joints. With the exclusion of taxes and service charge, prices are kept affordable. For pizzas, order a 12-inch for better value. Breezy outdoor seating is available; otherwise sit indoors and catch the Italian chef belting out an operatic tune in dramatic falsetto from the kitchen. This is a homegrown restaurant that opened its doors last July and by the way, the moniker's a twist on the name of its local owner, Benedict.

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