Friday, April 4, 2014

I'm afraid of the Waffle Slayer

Strangers' Reunion at Kampong Bahru seems to have evolved to be THE hip hangout for the under-25 crowd after moving to their larger premises with a full-fledged food menu just a few doors away from the old locale. The lions have passed by the large joint (by cafe standards) on a couple of occasions but were rather put off by the ahem... ...overtly-vivacious crowd where conversations could only be conducted at frequencies higher than the comfortable average. So they were a little apprehensive of paying a visit to newly launched sister outlet - Waffle Slayer when it opened. It was only until the moment when brunch junkie, Miss Monster Cat, craved some toasty waffles that the lioness relented. Waffle Slayer occupies the former space vacated by the old SR. Hence, the familiar decor and layout.

If you like the old Strangers' Reunion, you'll like this space.
Homely sofa at the entrance.
Sweet Waffle ($14.90): Matcha Azuki Buttermilk Waffle.
They certainly do not stinge on the powdered matcha in the
batter. It was heady with the pleasant aroma of green tea,
not veering into astringent bitterness at all. The not too sweet
azuki beans were also a delight.
Savoury Waffle ($18.90): Squid Ink Waffle with Smoked Salmon,
Poached Egg and Hollandaise Sauce ($18.90). The gorgeous orh orh
colour was enough to get salivary glands going but the waffle
alone was surprisingly bland with a slightly salty and mildly musky
The strong hollandaise sauce was the saver; even finicky Miss Monster Cat
commented that it was one of the best tasting versions of the sauce.
A more chilled-out vibe in the quiet weekday afternoon.

Slayer of course refers to the chic espresso machine ("slay in style") and java here remains consistently decent. The lioness finished her jab of caffeine in one gulp instead of savouring it, so no pics for that.

Waffle Slayer
37 Kampong Bahru Road
Singapore 169356

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