Sunday, August 24, 2014

Satisfying and Quenching hunger pangs at Slake

Hi Folks, it's been sometime since the Lions have updated a post. This is due to Cute Cute's wanderlust to visit some of his dragon (lizard) friends at Komodo Islands. So we are now back on track and roaring to explore more new places.
A pair of love cats welcome us when we visit Slake
Slake.... to quench and to satisfy.... and also the name of the new joint that replaced The Big Sheila at Swan Lake Ave. Cute Cute was there for a farewell dinner organised to send off one of his colleagues, Ms Buttercup. Looks like Slake's address, Swan Lake Ave, is apt for a farewell, we will be expecting a swan song from Ms Buttercup.

Nope, we don't come together, we just happen to be on the same boat... i mean dish.
When you step into Slake, you will notice a difference in terms of space. A lot more spacious compare to The Big Sheila, Slake has actually expanded the dining area make it look bigger and thus more seating for hunger customers. As it is our first time there, friendly Jeremy and Alicia made an effort to explain some of the food items to us. However, due to the large number of us, to make it simple, we just ordered one of each main course.
Sweet Potato Fries with Truffle oil. Seems to be the in thing nowadays due to health reasons. Crispy, sweet and unique with a hint of truffle oil smell and taste.
Grilled pearl corn. Very sweet and nicely grilled to give it a slight burnt taste.
Asian pesto chicken noodles. When it first came, the Lion thought it was a salad. But as he tucked in, he found the noodles nestled below the veg and chicken. A unique dish that consists of the savory (chicken), herbal (pesto), sweet (pomegranate seeds) and nutty.
Margherita Waffle. Why margherita? Because the waffles has tomatoes in it, just like the pizza. On top of the waffles are small scoops of bacon ice cream. Yeap... you saw it, bacon ice cream. If you have tried bak kwa ice cream, you know what I mean. Sweet and savory and if you like waffles, this is a good dish to try. 
Mr Famous's fav dish!! He immediately requested for a second serving when it's gone. Crackly pork, the roast pork dish of Slake, has a real mean bite for its skin. Crispy and chewy, the pork does have a large layer of fat but the flavors of  pork are all in it.
The Portobello Mushroom Gratin and Slow Cooked US Angus Beef. The mushroom gratin was ordinary and the taste was predictable. The Angus Beef also didn't really make the mark. Apart from being tender, the beef didn't really have the additional special taste unlike the above mentioned dishes.
Another second rounder dish, the Stuffed Squid. The squid was tender and was stuffed with soft brown rice.
74% Dark Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla ice cream. It did live up to its 74% slight bitterness but overall rather ordinary.
The Sticky Date Pudding. Texture of it is like a treacle pie, sweet and gooey.

The overall experience at Slake was fantastic and the staff do make the Lion feel very much at home. With cosiness and good food, what else could you ask for?

15 Swan Lake Avenue
Singapore 455711
6243 6220

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