Sunday, August 31, 2014

One28 Pitstop

With all the happenings occurring at Ann Siang Hill and Club Street at night, one might miss what the stretch can offer to you in the afternoon and morning. The Lions were exploring the scene in the late morning and chanced upon this little pitstop.
Reminding the lions of small Australian/European holes in the wall, One 28 is a petite little cafe for takeaways and wonderful coffee. How small you ask? It's really just 128 square foot thus giving this cafe its name. Though small, the variety of takeaways are actually large.
Quaint and petite

They have takeaway soups to be heated up too!
Every cup of coffee comes with a quote, pun or joke! Cannot take life too seriously right?
The coffee that Cute Cute had that day was smoky, smooth and medium bodied. A good cuppa to start your day or to end off your lunch.You can email One 28 or whatsapp them for delivery if you are living nearby. 

One 28
31 Club Street 
Singapore 069468
Tel: 8321 7354

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