Saturday, September 6, 2014

Turkish Warmth at Arkadas Cafe

Ever returned from traveling to a country and missing the cuisine there? Happens to almost all of us right? The challenge is to find an eatery that is able to bring their original culture and taste from their country. Thankfully for those of you who went to Turkey, the Lions managed to find a place to whet your appetite for Turkish cuisine.

One of the many eateries that are located inside Fusionopolis, Arkadas Cafe is situated on the 3rd floor, beside a dentist. Apparently, the owner, Chef Mustafa Gungor, had a long history with Turkish cuisine and Singapore. Chef Mustafa worked in the Turkish Embassy as a chef for 22 years before coming out and set up Arkadas Cafe. The Lion was heartened to hear that the pitas, bread, hummus, etc are all freshly made in house. As they were chatting, a fresh batch of hummus and baklava were made.....Mmmmm...
Just out of the oven Baklava... awaiting the last glistening of syrup to give it a nice shiny coat.
Home made fresh Hummus
Turkish tea cups
The server is kind enough to open up the teapot to let Lion catch a glimpse of what's inside..... Turkish tea.
Original way of serving beverages
Turkish expresso!! Don't be fooled by the flowery designs on the cup and saucer. The coffee packs a punch.
Pide with Lamb and Cheese. Thin and crispy, surprisingly the cheese did not make it chewy or soggy. The amount of lamb scattered all over the pide was generous as well.

A class of its own, the hummus was one of the best that the Lions had tried. Not lumpy but smooth. The freshness and clean taste of the chickpeas was a delight to the taste buds. The homemade bread was crispy on the outside and tender soft on the inside. Good thing that Arkadas Cafe does takeaway too. These 2 are perfect to start your mornings.
Musakka, a dish comprised of minced beef, green peppers and brinjal, comes with a choice of butter rice or bread. The Lions give this dish a paws up as it is a dish that brings out another part of Turkey. The butter rice comprises of ordinary rice and brown wheat, taste familiar like a variant of Singapore's chicken rice. The musakka was loaded with cheese, minced beef and brinjal and not at all heavy.

Baklava, Tulumba, Baklava.... Both sweet Turkish desserts. Filling for the Baklava is walnut. Now Lion always thought Baklava is filled with pistachio and Chef Mustafa explained that the original Baklava's filling is walnut not pistachio. Turkey has lots of baklava filled with pistachio because pistachios are abundant over there. The baklava at Arkadas Cafe is wonderful. Not too sweet and doesn't crumble at all. You can easily have a few of those. The tulumba was a bit sweet for the Lions' taste but if you are a sweet tooth, go for the tulumba as well.
Cream caramel for those who are more comfortable with non Turkish desserts.

Arkadas Cafe
1 Fusionopolis way
Connexis Tower #03-02
Singapore 138632
Tel: 64669918

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