Monday, August 17, 2015

Plank Sourdough Pizza

The master baker from New Zealand takes on the quintessential Italian dish, and the result is no less satisfying. It makes perfect sense as the cornerstone of a pizza is its crust. And according to Dean Brettschneider - the guy behind the success of Baker & Cook - the perfect pizza has a hand-kneaded, (no rolling pins) tangy sourdough base that has been subjected to a long fermentation process at a controlled temperature, with just a handful of simple ingredients.

The lions are regular patrons of this dude's bakeries; so on a date without the cub, they headed over to the quiet Opera estate for an evening breather and some pizza.

With a straightforward selection of just 6 pizzas (up $24) plus daily specials on the menu (desserts are sweet pizzas), patrons can supplement their meal with sweets and coffee from the adjoining Baker & Cook. In fact the lions sat at Baker & Cook for caffeine and ordered from Plank. The smoked salmon pizza ($22) with wild mushrooms, prawns, capers and sour cream could have fed 3 cats yikes... ...a little overkill on carbs with the addition of the garlic bread... ... they only wished Dean had done his sourdough donuts venture here instead of in London... ...that would have been interesting indeed... ...  

Plank Sourdough Pizza
1 Swan Lake Avenue
East Coast
Singapore 455700

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