Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Paying homage to Percolate

Ok, so you know how some people say: "Just find your passion and you'll never have to 'work' anymore". Let me tell you that's bullshit. Cos no matter how supposedly perfect your job is, there will be trying moments and days that make you throw up your hands and say, "enuf''s enuf". The lioness loves her cub to the moon and back but there are days when the momma just wanna, you know, ahem, walk away and leave the melt-down behind.

Her point, exactly? Well, making a great cuppa is a high calling. You never know when your cup is gonna minister to someone in need, seriously. So, those money people or people who give advice about money can just shut up when they say that a latte is overpriced shit and you shouldn't even be buying one at all. How do you measure value? It's not everyday that the momma reaches out for such a saving grace. Anyway, back to her point again, Percolate is a really beautiful place to retreat. Soothing ambience, warm interior that's easy on the eyes, and coffee that's the real deal here. Attentive service to boot too. All these in the heartlands. Sweet.    

Sorry for the rant.

Love the fresh flowers on the tables. Details, details, details... ...

136 Bedok North Avenue 3
Singapore 460136

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