Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Farmacy Opens @Open Farm Community

Given the astronomical land prices in the teeny weeny Lion City, there are only those rare wide open spaces for families to hang out without being shot judging stares during those tiresome hissy-fit moments orchestrated by highly intelligent bambinos. So one needs effing lots of resources *cough* moolah to construct such a paradise (why you so rich one, Spa Esprit). With two beautiful sandpits for kids to get down and dirty while parents chug coffee to get their engines going, Open Farm Community (OFC) is quite an eden for the harried soul with its beautiful greens and landscaping. Then again, if you don't mind the prices most parents would widen their eyes at, you could probably spent a sublime afternoon in the restaurant proper in the company of yoga mums and socialites.

The lions made do with coffee from the takeaway coffee joint there (beans from Common Man Roasters) and yummy food from a food truck to support Uncle Jon during the Open Farmers Market (a monthly affair?). Uncle Jon, being the straightforward, no bullshit dude that he is, asked in mock horror where all the farmers were at the event which was kinda funny and of course kinda true. Then again, you also want to applaud the effort put into such a pretty event. F%$k authenticity.

The lions capitulated and tried some pasta from OFC's stand at the market. Not so nice leh or was it an off day for them dealing with the crowd? The lions enjoyed themselves though... ...

Open Farm Community
130E Minden Road
Singapore 248819

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