Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Paying homage to Percolate

Ok, so you know how some people say: "Just find your passion and you'll never have to 'work' anymore". Let me tell you that's bullshit. Cos no matter how supposedly perfect your job is, there will be trying moments and days that make you throw up your hands and say, "enuf''s enuf". The lioness loves her cub to the moon and back but there are days when the momma just wanna, you know, ahem, walk away and leave the melt-down behind.

Her point, exactly? Well, making a great cuppa is a high calling. You never know when your cup is gonna minister to someone in need, seriously. So, those money people or people who give advice about money can just shut up when they say that a latte is overpriced shit and you shouldn't even be buying one at all. How do you measure value? It's not everyday that the momma reaches out for such a saving grace. Anyway, back to her point again, Percolate is a really beautiful place to retreat. Soothing ambience, warm interior that's easy on the eyes, and coffee that's the real deal here. Attentive service to boot too. All these in the heartlands. Sweet.    

Sorry for the rant.

Love the fresh flowers on the tables. Details, details, details... ...

136 Bedok North Avenue 3
Singapore 460136

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#Throwback to the Singapore Night Festival

One of the main draws of any festival is the food, glorious food. The massive throngs of people at the latest Singapore Night Festival, perhaps the most successful outdoor arts & culture extravaganza on the island, was overwhelmingly scary. Not wanting to brave the siao-on snaking queues, the two cats headed to a quieter stretch along the festival route to makan and catch a breather.

Wah liao eh, better avoid the SMU Campus Green... ...

The two cats caught some pretty installations as they made their way to the National Design Centre (NDC). They had also joget joget to the classic baba-nyonya tunes by The Main Wayang Company outside the Peranakan Museum and were really hungry. They were looking forward to stretch their legs at the alfresco nighttime terrace of NDC hosting "What's Supp" - a pop-up kopitiam concept by organiser Kueh Kakis - celebrating Singaporeans' love for latenight suppers.

The venue was surprisingly quiet given the maddening hordes just a hop and skip away at the SMU Campus Green. Red Baron was hawking its yummy quinoa goreng that the lions had tried. Chef Jeremy Nguee's new gourmet rempah brand, Batu Lesung, was also onsite selling tasty Rendang Jos - sauteed beef franks slathered in rich rendang sauce ($4). Howard Lo's The Secret Mermaid was offering a jazzed up take on "milo peng", a cocktail with chai vodka, milo, vanilla and chocolate bitters. Pity it came in a plastic cup for $15. On another night, the lions also tried newcomer Odenya's Japanese spin on Yong Tau Foo. Oishii!

The following weekend, the lions made sure their stomachs were filled at Tess Bar & Kitchen before heading down to enjoy the performances and installations. Uncle Jon would be filling their stomachs at the food truck, Kerby, on their last pit stop.

Acclaimed bartender aside, one might want to head down to Tess Bar & Kitchen for this to-die-for cocktail - Achar Mango ($17). The lioness' favourite tipple here consists of gin, pickled mangoes, Luxardo Maraschino liqueur, fresh lemon, egg white and Cajun spices. She thought that the lion's choice of poison that night - a hot peanut butter and vodka nasty served in a Turkish coffee pot - was just plain Willy Wonka weird. Ick.

Uncle Jon took care of their stomachs at Kerbside Gourmet close to midnight along the festival route. After the Kodak moment on the truck, they savoured his inventive Sabich ($10): fried eggplant, egg, sambal mayo, hummus, cucumbers and herbs encased in a pita bread and his soulful Spiced Chicken Taco ($10): pulled chicken, spiced gravy, grilled cabbage and garlic yoghurt. The lions are not being biased but they think that you should try the feel-good grub on this social enterprise driven truck at least once in your lifetime. Ta-ta, till next time.

The Farmacy Opens @Open Farm Community

Given the astronomical land prices in the teeny weeny Lion City, there are only those rare wide open spaces for families to hang out without being shot judging stares during those tiresome hissy-fit moments orchestrated by highly intelligent bambinos. So one needs effing lots of resources *cough* moolah to construct such a paradise (why you so rich one, Spa Esprit). With two beautiful sandpits for kids to get down and dirty while parents chug coffee to get their engines going, Open Farm Community (OFC) is quite an eden for the harried soul with its beautiful greens and landscaping. Then again, if you don't mind the prices most parents would widen their eyes at, you could probably spent a sublime afternoon in the restaurant proper in the company of yoga mums and socialites.

The lions made do with coffee from the takeaway coffee joint there (beans from Common Man Roasters) and yummy food from a food truck to support Uncle Jon during the Open Farmers Market (a monthly affair?). Uncle Jon, being the straightforward, no bullshit dude that he is, asked in mock horror where all the farmers were at the event which was kinda funny and of course kinda true. Then again, you also want to applaud the effort put into such a pretty event. F%$k authenticity.

The lions capitulated and tried some pasta from OFC's stand at the market. Not so nice leh or was it an off day for them dealing with the crowd? The lions enjoyed themselves though... ...

Open Farm Community
130E Minden Road
Singapore 248819