Saturday, May 31, 2014

Truffs - the Chocolate Artisan

Chocolate craving... ... It hits the lioness pretty bad sometimes and her favourite spot to fix that is Truffs with their decent coffee and divine chocolate cake as well... ... Mmmm hot chocolate... ...

79a Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068627

Friday, May 30, 2014

Jalan Besar Nostalgia (Kam Leng Staycation)

The two cats had one of the most surprisingly enjoyable staycations on a very central part of the island recently; all for a pocket friendly price of around $50 per feline. Such value, it's almost unheard of here where hotel rates may prompt a prudent one to hack out a slimy hairball in misery. No luxury resorts, no pretentious overdone fare. Instead one has the accompaniment of a little slice of history, gritty alleyways, quaint architecture, artisanal cups of locally roasted coffee, soul-warming hawker fare, a friendly neighbourhood microbrewery (that's for another story), and friends made along the way.

A grumpy, stressed-out city cat needs to get away from
things sometimes... ...

Is Jalan Besar the thriving hub of old school hardware stores or what? Throw a (imaginary) stone and you'll hit one most definitely ... ...

Explore Art Deco, Straits Chinese and Post-modern architecture and features all in one compact district:

Windows and more windows... ...

 Reliefs on the Wall:

This more modern one reflecting our multicultural heritage.

 Food, Glorious Food... ....

Sexy Amy Yip Baos sold here... ...
Haiiieeeyak... ....
People's Park Hakka Yong Tau Fu
Famous Pig Organ Soup along Beatty Lane... ...
Here it is... ...come at night for an atmospheric bowl.
One of the much-loved stalls that hopefully will not disappear after the
demolition at the end of the year.
Find them here.
Backside View.
Authentic Henghua cuisine.

Grab your caffeine fix... ...

Don't be glum, some of the coffee joints shutter early.
That's because you can grab an early bird cuppa.
Morning java session at Chye Seng Huat.
Resident Cool Cat

Despite the somewhat spartan room at Kam Leng Hotel, the place takes you back to a bygone era, offering visitors a glimpse of the past through a glass darkly. You've got to endure some of the quirks of staying in an old building though. Noise from the streets, a sometimes musty smell wafting from the background... ...but the unusual experience more than makes up for it.

In the lions' allocated bedroom:

Vintage inspired lamp
Quartz(?) bedroom floor 
They love the creepy "DnD" sign.
Hanging Lights
Frosted bathroom glass screen door
Overhead Cross Beams

The hotel takes on a difference mood at night... ...

Rise & Shine! Morning fuel at in-house restaurant, Suprette :)

Reception Counter
Enamel Plates
Ooooo... ...a comforting cup of Peppermint Clipper Tea.
Btw, they serve the Terra Firma blend of beans from
Chye Seng Huat here if you are too lazy to walk over...
Tsk tsk... ...
For people working around the area. Or not.
Shakshuka ($19): Good for two dish consists of eggs poached
in spicy tomato sauce with feta cheese, lamb sausage and
crusty bread. Highly recommended and lip-smackingly divine.
Rather reminded the lioness of the sambal egg dish at Pidgin.
Beer in the morning??? Yup, craft beer's nutritious ok... ...
the lions were told by the owner of the microbrewery
down the street that medieval kids used to dip bread in
beer during meals. A secret stash of beer is brewed at
Suprette for the hotel owner's own consumption but if you're
really nice, they might let you sample a sip... ... The lions
asked and received a mini shot of dark ale each... ...

Checking-out...sob... ...

Keycard holder

The lions would recommend the hotel for visiting flashpackers. This boutique hotel is certainly charming referencing the allure of the early 1900s in Singapore; design was characterised by a Nanyang style mixed with Chinoiserie influences.

Kam Leng Hotel
383 Jalan Besar Road
Singapore 209001