Friday, June 27, 2014

Purrfect Cat Cafe, Penang

A scene of overtly zealous and shrill kids prodding visibly tired and sleeping felines with sticks and attempting to grab at and carry the frazzled cats unnerved the lioness quite significantly. She glanced to her side and noticed the grim expression on the lion. She placed a hand on his lap trying to soothe his seething frustration that was threatening to boil over. He glared at the wayward parents trying to indicate his displeasure but it was kinda futile huh when the numbskulls noted but cavalierly shrugged off the icy drop in temperature. Boy, a lecture was in order... ....That got the lioness thinking... ...will a cat cafe do more harm than good if rules are not strictly enforced? Cats are not dogs. Cats are not toys. And is the customer always right?     

As if on cue, the sweet-natured felines came out to play and stretch when the screaming tykes were gone. The lion heaved a sigh of gratitude and relief.

Purrfect Cat Cafe
53 Jalan Muntri
10200 Penang, Malaysia

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