Friday, June 27, 2014

Uncle, why is Gong Tng called Gong Tng?

"Because I use a huge ass wooden rolling pin to 'gong gong' the peanut candy flat." Yup right from the horse's mouth, though those aren't exactly his angmoh words. Mystery solved. Thank goodness for a contact of Mr Business Times that alerted the lions to what must be the only surviving artisanal handmade gong tng aka peanut candy brittle stall in Penang. The lions are humbled and in awe of this man's tireless dedication to his craft. Very often, city dwellers take certain things for granted and this is one of them. The lion would just pop one of these peanut brittles into his mouth without ever pondering about how it was made. The handmade process is a tedious one but the resulting candy is fit for a king. The lion has surely developed a deeper appreciation for the humble childhood sweet now.

Talk about the sweat and skill that goes into this....

Flatten the peanut candy with a wooden pin by hitting
on it several times.
The cool surface of a glass bottle comes in handy as well to roll the candy
Dusting a little flour... ...
Encasing the peanut powder with the flattened candy. 
Making sure that the fold is tight... ...
Tightening the fold with two flat rectangular
slates of wood.
Sharp and thin knife used to cut the long roll by gut feel. No measurements
needed by this veteran candy maker.
Ok! Done! Transfer blocks of peanut brittle to a container. Approximately
24 pieces for RM20.
The bright red signage. This candy veteran was specially invited
by Seaview Hotel (now defunct) for a food festival on its premises
many years ago. Hey hoteliers, time to bring him back to the Lion City
for a demo again! Sure to attract crowds one.
Reserve your containers of candy.
Mr Ang also churns out another type of hua sheng tang
by hand.

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