Thursday, July 10, 2014

Russkiy Dome (Parental Guidance advised)

Not too long ago, the lion uncovered a gem and had an inkling that the lioness would love it very much. He was right. (Reader Alert: Before you scroll down, note that this is a food post involving booze and gratuitous amount of exotic meat.)

Snooze time's over. Straighten up for a lesson
- in Russian :)
Chef Rinat Valiev hails from Uzbekistan and is the personality and all the
charisma behind this cosy discrete corner - a home-style, Russian restaurant
hidden in the "bird no lay egg" Yess Centre along West Coast Highway. 
We suspect that the rather un-sexy furnishings were put haphazardly
together by a grumpy Russkiy grandmama who doesn't give no
f$%k about nuthin' except for her cooking... ... 
Too bad, you'll not get to see a samovar (pic above from wiki)
here. A simple pot of Russian Tea ($5.90) is available
though; it tastes rather like those straightforward Lipton
black teas.
Join RD's facebook for updates as they've regular theme nights like dumpling
festivals, pancake days, easter specials, etc. Chef Rinat was hoarding a leftover
stash of homemade vodkas infused with a medley of exotic herbs, fruits, spices and
other crazy flavours which he proudly showed off that night.
Proud pirate bounty of poisons.
The lions grabbed thee shots. The chili one was spine-tingling awesome.
Rinat was cheekily daring the lions to try some hardcore ones
like this poison mixed with erhem bull's blood. Wtf.
Other tamer tipples... ...
Kvas ($3.50). This fermented Rye Bread Drink is a definite
must-order for alcoholic intolerant creatures.
"Really tastes like bread but in liquid form,"quipped the lion.
Salmon a la Monte Cristo was a surprising pleaser (given how most salmon
dishes are upfront blahs) with a crisp exterior under a bed of melted creamy
cheesy goodness. Most of the affordable mains hover under $20.
Spicy Solyanka ($13.90) with smoked turkey, smoked bacon
and gherkins in grilled tomato broth. Order this over
the rather weak borsch. Warms the stomach heartily
at once.
Blini ($7) with very delicious homemade cottage cheese.

Sophomore visit with Mr Business Times and gang:

Compote ($8) A jug of homemade fruit punch to share.
Tastes like unsweetened Ribena or a light berry drink.
Shuba ($13.50) Multi-layered salad of herring, boiled potato, carrot, beetroot,
onion and homemade cream sauce. Only this particular dish and the dumplings
could pass muster with Mr Business Times' fine palate. Out of the group, he
was most familiar with Russian dishes, having worked in the land of onion-domed
churches in the past. He dubbed the rest of the dishes a slavic hodge-podge of
flavours. Very hard to please indeed hehehe... ...
Olivier Salad ($11.50): chicken, boiled egg, green peas, potato
carrots, pickles and homemade cream dressing.
Borsch ($13.90): beetroot, cabbage, potato, tomato, and pork
in a vegetable broth. A light and soupy version with sour cream
by the side to flavour it. Not a favourite of the table.
Vareniki ($10/15): vegetable dumplings with potato and
Pelmeni ($12) Russian dumpling with pork filling.
Mrs Business Times remarked that the dumpling skins
were done remarkably well with that satisfying bite.
Plov: Traditional Uzbek Lamb Rice.
"Like tucking into a plate of biryani," noted Mr Husky.
Signature Pork Julienne with cubed potatoes and savoury cream cheese sauce
was a rustic, home-style dish with simple flavours.
Country style baby potato with dill ($7)
strictly for carb-lovers.
Special of the Week:
Kazakh Meat Platter ($30) available only from 1 to 6 July.
Warning: Please do not shoot the lions, dear animal activists.
Blame their daring on their evil Chinese palate.
  Platter includes horse meat, beef soaked in red wine and
a chicken drumstick (weird). Only Mr Husky ventured to try the horse
sausage with blood ("like Taiwan xiang chang"). The rest of the meats
(including other cuts of the horse) were mostly dry and tasted like
beef jerky. Never again, the two cats gave Chef Rinat - who boasted
in his wry manner, of having shot bears in winter (real a not?) -
a weak smile and vowed never to sample my little ponies again.
Blini with a small dollop of Russian Caviar to end
the night. (not the atas type so price ok)

Home-style cooking at affordable prices; overall a highly recommended dining experience even though some dishes did not pass Mr Business Times' acid test. The expat crowd seem to agree too, as well as boisterous (NUS?) students who took up two long tables that night.

Russkiy Dome
27 West Coast Highway
Singapore 117867
Tel: 67740833/ 9116 5113
(Opposite Haw Par Villa)

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