Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Hippest Hotel + the Grandest Old Town White Coffee in Ipoh

Folks, Ipoh was a pitstop for the lions en-route home. And sorry to gush, but the lions had one of the best hotel stay experiences at what must be the hippest hotel in town. And after the trip, the lioness found out that it's currently managed by a Singapore-based hotel management company as well. Blushing with Pride! If you love shopping and coffee, then you will have your desires instantly gratified under one roof here.

The word "boutique" has oft been misused in recent times to market dull and insipid small hotels that throw in the obligatory feature wall, feebly attempting to wow already blase guests with a gaudy show of colours and market-bought wall prints. The M Boutique Hotel in Ipoh, on the other hand, just oozes that sophisticated grace from every pore effortlessly without coming across as too esoteric and needy.

In fact, it pushes the boundary of what a typical hotel should look like from the frontage to the reception area and ahem the washrooms. No wonder it's the trendy venue a la mode for local couples taking their wedding shots.   

Nope you are not walking into a shopping mall... ...
This hotel certainly plays on the word "boutique" to its full splendour.  
And what great business sense it makes too! All merchandise items that you
see in the window can be bought from the in-house shop that curates a wide
selection of curios from around the world and labels them shrewdly under its
hip name.
Hotel's Motto.
What else but sleek Apple Computers to up the style quotient at the reception.
The hotel pays homage to the country's colonial past by taking inspiration
from the Straits Eclectic look, vintage elements are melded with contemporary
flair. Love the apothecary-like cabinets in the background and sweets for guests
in huge glass jars.
Jerry cans have never look so swank. Lol.
The shopping has already began for the lioness who grabbed a very very
reasonably priced (yah have to justify her spree!) vegetable oil-based candle
that smelt like the ocean.
The lions stayed on the Adventure floor that was inspired by Malayan safaris
of yore. Suits them real fine to a T :) with a primal touch of the wild seen on
walls and in furnishings.
Voguish details.
The baby lions are thrilled.
Taking a walk around the Adventure floor... ...

Self service laundry.
Reading the news with a fine gym in the background.
Pictures like these, including those of other wild beasts dot the
Adventure floor.

 Heading down to the ground floor and boutique to explore... ...

 Myth Eatery & Bar:

Hotel Lobby at Night:

Turn down gift: night snacks in mini jars. Yawn! Time to
hit the comfy bed.

Rise and shine! Breakfast at Old Town Grand, prolly the most luxe outlet that you'll ever find (one can purchase a tote bag and their signature bread here). Reminiscent of a traditional French brasserie... ...Oh and breakfast at this sexy dark panelled joint comes with the night's stay. Alternatively, dine with your breakfast voucher at Myth Eatery & Bar for delicious Western favourites.

Checking out. Sayonara.

M Boutique Hotel is newly minted and less than eight months old; the lions heard that MediaCorp artiste and franchise owner of Old Town White Coffee back in the Lion City, Mark Lee, was a guest just days before the lions arrived.

M Boutique Hotel
2 Hala Datuk 5
Ipoh, Perak,
31650 Malaysia

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