Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Teeny Weeny Tiny Roaster

The lions are truly quite enamoured with The Tiny Roaster; it exemplifies the very heart of blind faith and effortless passion. This is a purist joint for the coffee lover; no food, no cakes, no distractions to tempt you away from quietly enjoying the unadulterated experience. Very much like going on a pilgrimage. The soft-spoken high priestess in charge frowns at anything that masks the aroma of coffee on the palate. But there is nothing smug nor arrogant about the attitude. Just a reverent hope that you will take time to consider the process and, in stillness, come to an epiphany. Entering its almost monastic walls on a quiet afternoon, one is drawn to a discrete corner like a cat. Aaaaaa...'s time to curl up with a book. Of course, part of the charm lies in its choice of address.

This particular joint reminds the lions of a former haunt in Jalan Kilang.
Coffee, pure and simple, straight up. No other trappings.
Not a thought paid for earthly economic sensibilities.
Coffee and apparatus galore... ...
Beans, sourced from around the world, are roasted here
in small batches and in the carefree spirit of experimentation.
Tiny Quest M3 electric roaster from Taiwan.
Bring it home for an undisclosed sum if you covet it.
Beans du Jour from Chiangmai in burlap bags.
Brown coffee paper bags for grabs at the retail area.
A hand-crafted copper drip kettle by Monarch Methods. Designed and
hand-built by Chris Chekan in Toronto, Canada.
Science lab. Pour over contraptions with beakers capturing the essence of
single origin beans from Honduras and Guatemala.
The White Brew ($4.50) - simply translates to aeropress
coffee with "a touch of milk". A mild (akin to Japanese coffee)
and smooth cup. Hmmm the lions are more used to heady,
punchier concoctions. The rationale, they were told, was that
coffee done this way (using gentle air pressure through a micro-filter )
usually turns out more balanced, cleaner and possess less acidity. 
Debatable. For geeks who want to do this at home, something to help
you get started:

Iced Cold Brew ($4.50). Comes in a globe whiskey-like glass
to increase the nosing of aromas as you rock the liquid
gold gently around like a connoisseur. LOL. Beans from
Chiangmai used for both the cold and white brew.
Ice globe made of coffee as well to avoid dilution.
End of experience... ...
Other eager pilgrims at the table.

It was a sublimely blissful session for the two cats. They've not enjoyed coffee this much at a cafe in a long while.

The Tiny Roaster
Blk 612 Clementi West Street 1
Singapore 120612
Opening Hours
Tues - Sat : 11am - 8pm
Sun: 11am - 6pm
Closed on Mon

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