Monday, December 13, 2010

The Coolest Coffee Corner

Lions found internet at last!
Best Smoothie & Sandwiches in Bali!
Bright & Cheery

Why Coffee Corner has got to be the best cafe in Bali........

1) The most cheerful decor of them all, a great perk-me-up in the mornings.
2) The best service experienced so far, obliging and just genuinely helpful.
3) Free internet access available.
4) The BEST Smoothies and Sandwiches in town! Absolutely fresh ingredients used. So good we gulped down 2 smoothies in a row.
5) Clean 5-star *ahem* washrooms.
6) An ambience so relaxing we wished we could stay for hours...
7) They make a good cuppa, of course.

Coffee Corner
Jln Melasti Bk 1 & 2 Legian, Badung, Bali

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