Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Destination Dining in Penang

Adventures in Penang did not really end with just cafes and local street food that the lions enjoyed so much. There were also the "posh-ier" dining places that caught the lions' eyes.... First you might want to take a lunch stop at The Ship in Batu Ferringhi.

What???!!! The Ship??!! There's a one back home! Well simply because this has got to be the prettiest branch out of all the others. The restaurant is located in a breath-taking replica of an actual ship. 

When the lions entered, they were greeted by servers that were dressed like real crew and sailors. The whole restaurant resembled the actual interior of a ship complete with pot-hole windows and was bedecked with Christmas decor just in time for the festive merry-making season. 

The Ship's very own brand of chilli sauce.
All Aboard!

The lions devoured escargots, rib-eye steak, seafood chowder and a banana split. Overall, despite the kitsch, gimmicky decor, the meal was surprisingly good. The most memorable dish was the garlic butter escargots with the addictive sauce that was licked clean. The old-school banana split also brought back many childhood memories with the ingenious sprinkle of toasted almonds and fruit cocktail topping. Should you find yourself wandering around Batu Ferringhi and are tired of street food, The Ship's cosy ambience and straight-to-the-heart food should recharge you.

The Ship Restaurant
69-B Batu Ferringhi, Penang 11100

The next meal stop for the lions was dinner and Cute Cute recalled catching a glimpse of something unique while travelling down to Batu Ferringhi from Georgetown. Back-tracking, the lions came to this quaint-looking restaurant christened "Vintage Bulgaria".

Not exactly familiar with Eastern European cuisine or Bulgaria, they were curious as a cat and in they went to have a look.
Oooo a fireplace! Cats just love a warm hearth.
Shepherds' Salad. A Bulgarian Salad made of fresh vegetables,
mushrooms, ham, olives, grated eggs, cheddar cheese and
a traditional olive oil dressing.
What greeted the lions were rough-hewn stone walls, pretty painted vases, tartan table cloths and a very cosy interior, much like a small homely cottage. They later found out that the restaurant was built in such a way that it resembled a traditional cottage in Bulgaria with wooden stairs leading to a basement.
Splendid! Some information about Bulgaria!
More knowledge makes the lion wiser you know.
The Lions were getting thirsty so they proceeded to order a
glass of Bulgarian wine. Cab Sav and Merlot. Surprisingly, both wines were not too bad for a country not known for producing wine.
Orley Wraps: A traditional Bulgarian dish consisting of cheese
wrapped in bacon, skewered and grilled to perfection.
Homemade mushroom soup
Bulgarian sausage platter (The main dish that both lions shared):
grilled homemade Kabepche (spiced minced pork and beef),
meatballs, karnatche and pork fillet.
Bar for drinks. No bulgarian beer but you do get Tiger beer
here. The irony!
The medieval-looking washroom door
Creme Brulee
Vintage Bulgaria has the lethal combination of a homely ambience and wholesome food, coupled with warm, unintrusive service. If the lions ever do come back, it will be with friends to have a much varied Bulgarian food encounter.
Vintage Bulgaria
1E Jalan Sungei Kelian,11200 Tanjong Bunga (Hillside), Penang

Another day beckoned and the lions were still full from their Bulgarian meal the previous night. So feeling adventurous, they decided to climb Penang Hill (yes, climb) to burn off the calories and to build up an appetite for brunch. Of course, Cuchi was not expecting the climb to be long but unfortunately for her, the climb took the lions 3 tedious hours. Sweaty, panting and exhausted, they finally reached their brunch destination which was like a finishing line for Cuchi as she almost collapsed from the steep uphill ascend. Well done Cuchi! Thus her reward was tea-break at the picture-perfect David Brown.

The lions ordered a petit four platter which consisted of fruits, sandwiches, tarts and scones, accompanied by a pot of tea. Do you feel English already?
"We must plan what to attack first," say the baby lions.

David Brown is a lovely place to chill out when you're at the top of Penang Hill. Enjoy a good cup of tea while you look down at the scenic view, caressed by the cool gentle breeze. It will transport you back to the days of olde when Penang was one of the British empire's crowning jewels.

David Brown Restaurant and Tea Terrace
Strawberry Hill  Penang Hill, 11300 Air Itam, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

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