Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cupcake Galore and more at Butter Studio

A home-grown gourmet confectionery that honours home-baking traditions and lovingly doles out handcrafted treats made fresh onsite daily, Butter Studio's full-fledged cafe is indeed charming in a homely kinda way. The unassuming location (it's nestled between a grimy car workshop and a local coffee shop) in an old conservation shophouse that's painted a bright don't-take-me-too-seriously happy yellow adds to its down-to-earth charm. The lions were eager to check out this cafe as the other branch at Terminal 3 serves a rather limited selection of cupcakes and bakes. Butter Studio purportedly uses only the finest Australian butter and European style sweet butter cream and fresh fruits for their handmade bakes.

A pretty cabana, too bad it's insanely hot to sit outside during the day.
Relax alfresco-style during cooler evenings
on carpet grass by the bustling road.
The yellow brick road leads the lions to
Butter Studio today. Paradise awaits
with a burst of sugar rush as they spy
colourful rows of cupcakes sitting prettily on
rustic wooden slates through glass windows.
Take home a hand-drawn artwork by a local illustrator. Butter Studio
supports home-grown talents.  
The lions settle down by a quiet corner.
The ubiquitous Good Morning Towel becomes a
local-flavoured inspiration for this tissue dispenser.
Memorabilia and other quirky knick-knacks on display.
What big eyes you have, Mr Radio!
The U Press seems to be the choice read these days
in most cafes and indie coffee joints.
One of the better cupcakes that the lions have indulged in.
The Lion City is going cupcake crazy these days unlike
her neighbour across the causeway who is going through
a mille crepe phase.This red velvet baby is moist and not
cloyingly sweet. The caramel nutella tart is also a delight with
its fragrant biscuit-like base.
The iced lychee tea makes for a refreshing cooler
on this sweltering hot day. The coffee was rather ordinary
so the lions missed taking a quick pic of the Long Black.
The homemade Lasagne drew mixed reactions. The Lion
thought it was pretty tasteless (he said cheekily that Garfield
would hate it) but the lioness gave it her thumbs up as she loved
the rather subtle flavours. It was not too cheesy nor too tomatoey.
A rather healthy version of the usual calorie-laden treat.
Butter Studio comes out with a daily rotation of savouries
so you might want to swing by for brunch for a try.

The only gripe that the lions had about the place was the patchy service and rather cold reception they got. Homemade treats are best complemented by winning smiles and a warm welcome, no?

Butter Studio
147 Jalan Besar
Singapore 208865

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