Friday, October 2, 2015

Everyone's happy @Doughwory Bakery

After a family lunch at Long Jiang Chinos (surprisingly good grub) at the former Bottle Tree Park, the lions and cub, together with gramps, grandma and extended family, went for a coffee break in the neighbourhood. They could not have chosen a better place when they landed at Doughwory Bakery. This is a small nook (2 indoor tables only!) that aspires to truly serve the neighbourhood, young and old included.

Grandpa will not feel out of place here as he gets to order his usual tuna puffs and other "unfancy" treats that remind him of his childhood while his teenage grandson chug a cup of angmoh coffee. The lions love the fact that young ones also get to enjoy their Western buttermilk waffles at Doughwory while those that crave a little comforting familiarity can sink their teeth into, yup, local waffles. What a cool juxtaposition!

Prices are kept heartland friendly as well, with croissants going for $2 and a lemon cheese tart smiling at you for $3. The barista certainly deserves a pat on the back too as he coaxes a decent cuppa from nondescript Italian beans.

The lions headed for LemonZest at Holland Village after that for a unique cooking demonstration. The grub churned out here will only interest the cub's palate. All the mummies and...ahem...some daddies there were mentally taking notes on how to get their young'uns interested in more exciting ingredients. Very french! A slab of butter into the concoction, give it a grind and a spin, and ta-dah!   

Doughwory Bakery
Block 504 Yishun Street 51
Singapore 760504

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