Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sail away with Kontiki, yet another Bicycle Cafe, and those Putu Pirings

The lions grabbed lunch at Seok Seng Bicycle Cafe, prolly the third bicycle themed joint on the island. Affordable plates below $10 certainly drew the crowd that was predominantly made up of families and cyclists in their full sweaty regalia (how's that for authenticity). The whole set up was not as souped up as its sexier and "hipster-fied" peers like Coast Cycles and Wheeler's Yard but no one can deny the million dollar view with private planes taking off in the distance. Grub is decidedly humble, not for fusspots and the lions suspect, catered for time-starved lunch folks working in the vicinity.  

Next, a pitstop for some snacks is in order. Hello best putu pirings on the island at Haig Road Market and Food Centre. These Malay style, plate-shaped (piring) rice cakes' allure lie in their pillowy soft, melt-in-the-mouth exteriors (flour mix is a secret blend) and not-too-sweet Gula Melaka filled centres. Oh, and the accompanying grated coconut that is lightly salted is sublime too. The lioness eyed the Gula Melaka that was used and it looked like a huge, sticky, paste-like, peanut buttery mess. Definitely worth the trip down to gorge on some of these babies while they are piping hot.

The cub got a few bites too and adores the taste.

Let me have some more... ...
If I wish hard enuf, maybe these putu babies will
multiply... ...
Bah... ...not working... ...
Then it's time to chill while the cub takes his afternoon nap. Speaking of million dollar views, this place is home to one too. The new community lifestyle and water sports hub along the Marina Reservoir - Passion Wave @ Marina Bay - is home to nautical themed Kontiki (named after an expedition by raft across the Pacific Ocean)  and the cosy and homely cafe, Plant Story (their second joint after the one in Hort Park).

The brains behind Handlebar has hatched a new concept drinking hole and
restaurant. The grub here is reminiscent of Handlebar's very meaty menu.
Airline seats.
Meow! Someone's hungry... ...
Paddles as leg rest at the bar counter.
This section would work better in the evening breeze. Now it's absolutely
scorching under the heat of the afternoon sun.
The man needs his beer.
View from the alfresco area.
Customised cassette tape tables.
Daddy, I wanna build a raft and sail the seven seas... ...
If light refreshments is your cup of tea for the afternoon, head for Plant Story just upstairs. The view is no less stunning from there.

Evening date night takes the two lions to Ghim Moh Temporary Market with the cutest and weirdest adjoining bus terminal! 

And aiyoh, they discovered that Flock Cafe has another joint in the West at Ghim Moh and they are unaware of it till now... ... yipeeee another place to chill for westies... ...

KIV Flock, the lioness wants the comfort of her favourite joint in the west instead so the lion acquiesced. Aaaaaaaaah... ...nothing like nursing a cold brew after a fruitful weekend. 

Cold Brew at The Tiny Roaster.

Traditional Haig Road Putu Piring
Haig Road Market and Cooked Food Centre
14 Haig Road
Singapore 43004

Seok Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe
MAJ Aviation Building 
Seletar Aerospace

11 Rhu Cross
Passion Wave @ Marina Bay

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