Friday, November 2, 2012

Nitrogen Ice Cream, Anyone?

The two curious lions stumbled upon this newly-opened ice-cream parlour that uses liquid nitrogen to churn out velvety smooth ice-cream. Given the recent bad press surrounding this method in the realm of cocktail mixology due to an unfortunate casualty, the Lions ventured gingerly hoping to learn more.  
Every cup of ice-cream here is made fresh on the spot a la minute eliminating the need for any addictives or emulsifiers. Choose a flavour and the ice-cream mix is churned together with liquid nitrogen in a rather innocuous-looking kitchen-mixer. In fact, it's fun to watching all the action with impressive clouds of vapour adding to the drama. It's really a novelty.

Cute Cute surveying the colourful parlour.

Pineapple ice-cream was a let-down as
the flavour was too subtle and plain.
But the owners were kind enough to add a scoop
of mashed pineapple on the top once
feedback was given.

The Salted Caramel fared much better!
Yummy! Yes, the texture was indeed smoother
(no icky ice crystals) than normal ice-cream and it
was surpringly light! Not the cloyingly dense type. 

Riot of Colours on the Wall.

Cute Cute emerged quite unscathed from the experience. In the hands of true professionals perhaps, the use of liquid nitrogen should prove quite harmless and pave the way for the creation of interesting textures, culinary experiences, etc. That's debatable as well, I'm sure. How far should chemistry encroach into the epicurean realm?

For those who are interested in going there, here is the address:

320 Below
Nitro Cream Cafe
33 MacKenzie Road
Singapore 228686
(Opposite Rex Cinema)


  1. What's the opening hours?

    1. Prolly checking their facebook page is a safe bet.
      Here it is