Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Trip down Drury Lane

Another long Sunday morning helping out with ushering duties see the lions crave a caffeine fix by afternoon. All droopy-eyed, they dragged their tired feet to a new coffee joint joining the likes of Group Therapy and Ministry of Caffeine in the Tanjong Pagar district. They were thankful that this was one of the few cafes who bucked the trend by soldiering on during lazy Sundays.

Spiffy coffee machine - Check. Single origin beans - Check.
Different brew methods available - Check. 
Hip &Trendy Furnishings - Check. Toothsome sweets - Check.
They got the formula right. Hopefully the coffee's great. 

Crates up-recycled as stools.
Ain't that adorable?
Drury Lane is where the Muffin Man lives in the
popular nursery rhyme.
Intriguingly ugly Carrot Cake looks so appetising.
On brew today - the tongue-tripping Dusangirijambo.
Complex name for complex notes?
Placing orders on the first floor.
Settling down by the window at the bustling second floor.
Are those seats comfortable, ladies?
Lights encased in glass jars.
Order no. 5 for a Grace-filled Sunday.
Thumbs up for the Latte! Well-executed with
chocolatey, fruity notes.
Toy Soldiers with Marmite and cheese topping along with poached egg - AWESOME.
Today's brew was not bad. Balanced without strong acidity.
Peanut butter and kaya - ingredients that usually
end up on the lioness' hate list.
However, the delicate flavours on this tea cake
received the thumbs-up from her.
Pear and Banana Muffins. More pear slices in these babies pls!
Otherwise, fluffy and light muffins that does not cloy.

Here is our review for Drury Lane:
Coffee Quality: 7.5 pawprints out of 10
Food Quality: 7.0 pawprints out of 10
Ambience: 7.0 pawprints out of 10

Drury Lane
94 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088515

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