Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Kool Kats hang out at Folks Collective

Cuchi's love for anything and everything sweat-inducingly, tongue-searingly spicy has gotten her into quite a bit of a fix as her feline husband does not share her love for chili-laden food. In fact, the lion's stomach does not seem to agree much with dishes flavoured with an abundance of herbs and spices. Over the years, however, his tolerance for dishes from the Land of Smiles has gone from to cautious indignation to curious experimentation.

One evening, Cuchi decided to indulge in her love for Thai cuisine and she coyly suggested Folks Collective. To her delight, the Lion gave his consent. And boy, they came away pretty impressed: every single dish ordered hit all the right notes.      

Modern hipster Thai restaurant with colourful mismatched furniture and
an eclectic collection of vintage memorabilia from gramophones to
old TV sets.
A bustling Friday night.
Fresh flowers make an eye-catching centre-piece.
Bar area churning out lip-smacking cocktails made with
Thai-inspired ingredients like lemongrass and kaffir lime.
Hit the Jackpot while waiting for your food.
Executive Set Lunch available.
Refreshing iced lemongrass + honey.
Rootbeer served with a cute vintage aluminum cup
Grilled Pork Neck + Dried Chili Dip
This deceptively simple dish was outstanding
with its tender, well-marinated slabs of succulent meat.
Fans of Korean chicken wings will definitely dig
the Folks signature wings. Delightfully crisp skin
coated with a teasingly addictive glaze gives way to moist,
tender flesh.
Pad Thai Goong with a tangy-sweet kick.
Tom Yam Poteak. Test your strong constitution with
this clear bowl of fiercely spicy soup.
Toasted Rice crackers with minced pork dip
to end the satisfying meal

Affordable + absolutely tasty Thai fare + cheekily hip ambience = a winning F&B experience.  What's there not to like about this joint?

Folks Collective
20 Cross Street
01-25 China Square Central
Singapore 048422

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