Friday, August 2, 2013

Into the Whimsical World of La Marelle

Climbing gingerly up the bright pink stairs, the two lions and their friends Miss Mikimoto and Miss Balik Pulau certainly did not know what to expect. They had just finished a late-night meeting and were looking for a quiet place to chill and chat. Their sleepy eyes were soon greeted by a riot of bright, happy colours. They had just stepped into La Marelle Cafe & Boutique. 

A French brand founded by artistic director Nivet Pascale (alias Mademoiselle Heloise)
and her husband. La Marelle collaborates with over 40 international artists for their
carefully curated fairytale-like inventory featuring bags, necklaces, porcelain plates
and stationery. Only two collections or 500 pieces are launched annually and
each artwork is pain-stakingly hand-drawn before they are printed onto the products for sale.
Even though the brand is available internationally in 40 countries,
this sunny island is the first to have its very own La Marelle Cafe.
Those who have a soft spot for handcrafted art pieces may simply
adore these quirky and whimsical creations. Why not grab the
opportunity to own a limited edition La Marelle product?
Let your childlike imagination run wild here ...
Pascale herself gave her own touch of poetic input to the
cafe's decor when she was in Singapore.
Gourmet food  products from France.
These mystical mushroom forests are built from scratch
by Pascale herself right here in the cafe before its opening.
The second floor is poised to host artworks on canvas
for sale.

Comforting Cup of Mocha before Bedtime.
Admittedly, this can't beat the quality of those at serious
coffee joints but no complaints.
Ginger Tea for the ladies.
A macaron to compensate for the mistake in our drinks
order. Fantastic service :)

La Marelle Cafe & Boutique
25A Baghdad Street

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