Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Let's grab some Necessary Provisions

The lions were absolutely chuffed to bits when they heard that another coffee joint has taken root in the West. This is great news for Westies. They have been making repeat visits to W39, loving her radiant sunny yellow palette (matching the hue of their drive) and warm impeccable service. Hurray for another convenient place to chill.

Vintage Car for Cool Cats.
Frontage reminiscent of the former Henry's Congressional.
Funky Spirit doses out caffeinated drips of black gold.
Disappointed by the limited food items
in the afternoon. Come on guys, make it a full-fledged
menu. Looks like the lions gotta make another trip
down for dinner to sample the grub.
Spoilt by the predictably good coffee.
Humble home-cooked flavours to fill the rumbling
Spanish Egg. Use the bread to soak up the
tomatoey gravy packed with peppers and beans.
Good to know ...
Cool place but uncomfortable seats.
Conspiracy to do a quick turn-over? Lol, joking joking.
Sitting at the round communal table with a hill-load of
Huge kitchen and roasting space at the back.
Watch and smell as they churn out a selection of bakes.
Aladdin would love this.
A handful of cakes and cookies to choose from.

Necessary Provisions
21 Eng Kong Terrace
Singapore 598993

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