Sunday, March 4, 2012

Adventures in Penang Part 3: Wanton Mee near Khoo Kong Si

On day 3 of Penang, Cute Cute was out with another bunch of friends. This time, they were heading to the famous Khoo Kong Si residence/mansion which is richly preserved. In fact, preservation works were being done when they were there. And as with all sightseeing, a nice little break would be nice. Thankfully, one of Cute Cute's friend, Mr JonMaC, saw a quaint looking stall along the Archeen Street. 

Selling Wanton Mee, this stall is one of the many roadside stalls that Penang has to offer. What caught Lion's eye was that the Wanton Mee was cooked in an old school method. However, what's most important is the taste test.

The Wanton Mee came out fast enough to satisfy Lion and friends and the taste test started. Noodles were very Q and to the right consistency. Nice and chewy but not too tough. The taste itself was nice and savory. Unlike most Wanton Mee here in Singapore, this stall does not use tomato sauce or vinegar but they use more savory sauces like soya sauce or/and fish sauce.

Overall it was a delightful little treat spotted by Mr JonMaC. Too bad, it also signified Lion's last stop in Penang before he lioncopter back to Singapore...

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