Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Rise of Standard of Living

High cost of living, record inflation rates and soaring property prices in the Lion City sometimes send the harried and shell-shocked lions retreating into the comfort of nostalgia. They yearn desperately for the unhurried charm of a bygone era. One of their favourite past-times include making pilgrimages to second-hand vintage furniture or boutique showrooms where they will spend hours admiring the quirky pieces on display and other memorabilia purveying a more laidback lifestyle.

They were delighted to stumble upon such one shop during a brief evening stroll around the Kampong Glam district and lo and behold, this little place serves a mean cuppa as well. 

Spacing out after a walk in the heat of the day.
Latte and Long Black accompanied by
a traditional animal biscuit.
Smurfy Lion is impressed with the coffee. He's too shy to ask
more about it though. The coffee served was fruity and smooth
with the character of a Brazilian Santos, he thinks.
The simple brewing station.
They have adopted the pay-what-you-want model
popularised by Papa Pahelta.
Clowning around on bamboo ladders for sale.
More seats to plant your bums on.
You might just walk away with a furniture piece after that.

For those who are interested in going there, here is the address:

Standard of Living
34 Kandahar Street


  1. Oh I missed this place two weeks ago when I was in the area. Thx fo the tip up, I will pay a visit soon :)

    1. No problemo :) The lions are always happy to share.