Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Into the Blackforest

Guten Tag! With their 10th anniversary approaching, the two lions were pleasantly surprised when they chanced upon a German-themed boutique cafe one rainy day. Serendipity had brought them together 10 years ago at a German language class in school. So imagine their delight when they stumbled upon Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Cafe (mouthful!); it was a walk down memory lane for them (somewhat!) as they reminisced about those happy days.  

Life size wooden soldier guarding food supplies?
A wide range of boutique beers from Stuttgart.
Ask for their list of wines (Rieslings!)
from the Blackforest region.
Ask also to see their huge wine vault
on the second floor.

Expansive space, high ceilings
and cosy wooden furniture makes for
an extremely relaxing Saturday afternoon here.

Window seats to watch the world go by.
Wood-carving, a respected artisan skill in the blackforest region,
has produced intricate, carved ornaments like the famous cuckoo clock.
Indoor pines and conifers, wooden soldiers
and cuckoo clocks. The lions are wishing for winter
in a cosy cottage in the woods already.
Imported blend of Hochland coffee from Stuttgart.
At a steep $12 per cuppa, this Long Black
from an automated coffee machine
was dismal. Go for the beers and wine instead!
Imported Alpine Tea in a bottle was
refreshingly sublime.
The signature Black Forest Cake
did not disappoint. It was fluffy, light and the
dark cherries was infused with a heart-stopping
amount of rum.
Probably the most value for money item in the house.
The Dunkel Acker beer was hoppy, a little dry
and refreshing.
No nuts with beer but a complimentary helping of
stick pretzels instead. Classy and addictive!
Danke Schon!
Wait! The lions are not done yet.
Time to check out the range of imported merchandise.
Cute Cute drooling over the beer again.
Cuchi's current obsession with handmade soups
made her gravitate towards this fragrant
heart-shaped item.
Grab a traditional outfit here? Kinky ... ...

A host of imported food items was also on display. With an extremely limited food menu, this cool cafe is a great hangout for drinks with the buddies. But if you are feeling peckish, try the only two mains of specialty Bratwurst with sauerkraut or Swabian pasta with dumplings. Starters include the ox-tongue and hearty beef bouillon soup with dumplings.  They do have space on the second floor for cocktail events and a private room for intimate dinner or luncheon sessions.

Only complaints are the steep prices and the closing hour (too early for beer!).

This cafe is also open throughout the Chinese New Year holidays. So if you did not make any plans for an overseas getaway, head here for a German Blackforest experience.  

For those who are interested in going, here is the address:

Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Cafe
141 Middle Road
Singapore 188976
(Opens daily from 11.30am to 9.30pm)  

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