Friday, July 10, 2015

Pig Ear Biscuits

Is it the lioness' imagination or have the two cats been stumbling upon "cuter" treats ever since they started taking their little cub out?

Meet the only artisanal pig ear biscuits (named for its shape, no pork lah) on the island churned out by a husband-and-wife team. Even though the process is partly mechanised now, skilful hands are still needed for battering and kneading the dough to submission. No stale factory made stuff here. The biscuits, sliced more thinly than the mass produced ones (yums! hear the soul-comforting crunch), are made in batches, packet by packet daily. And they sell out literally in a blink of an eye. The lion was thankful he managed to grab one pack as a trip back 5 minutes later yielded null.  

The lions had a chat with the towkay neo and she quipped that her soft-spoken husband had taken a break for almost a decade because his hands were stiff and arthritic from the daily kneading. He is now back toiling over what he does best. And nope, their children have not expressed any intention of taking over the business.

The lions also sneaked a bite of the freshly crisp cuttlefish snack made here daily as well. Bliss.

Chai Wee Cuttlefish
Smith Street Food Centre
335 Smith Street
Singapore 050335

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