Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Thunder Tea Rice in a Community Garden

Ok, so perhaps it was a wee bit too ambitious to think that she could chug along with life and a baby with no change in her daily rhythms. With frenzied diaper changing, those heart-wrenching and never-ending pumping sessions to keep up a steady milk supply, coupled with a colicky cub, the lioness had her hands full with her new role.

Not that those precious date nights fizzled out into puffs of smoke (in fact the lion was quite adamant that wifey still gets her breather moments), but it was now a chore to document them down in a state of perpetual exhaustion. Yeap tats what a newborn does to you.

But with a new role and new found mummy friends, some experiences were just too lovely not to share. Just like this one ... ...

A hidden community garden in a private estate area... ...this island still never cease to amaze with its cosy nooks and crannies.

An award-winning community garden tended by residents
in the area.
A cosy pavilion for neighbours to chit-chat.
Watch out! There are snakes in the area.... But you might
also spot an eagle swopping down for the kill... ...
Longkang Fishing
Take a whiff of the heady scent of wild lemongrass
Spoils of the day. Guppies from the longkang.
Oh how they bloom and grow... ...
Vegetables lovingly tended to by residents.
Yummy, ingredients for Thunder Tea Rice made from
fresh vegetables harvested directly from the community garden.
Detox! But oh so delish!
Taking in a view of the greens. Great for the eyes :)


  1. The thunder tea rice was prepared by a friendly resident for a mummies gathering.