Monday, October 22, 2012

Bake & Brew No More

Oh dear ... ... the highly competitive cafe scene here has claimed yet another precious victim. But according to its facebook posting just last week, the owners are working on something different. Hopefully that works out well and we will be seeing a fresh and exciting f&b concept soon.
Bake & Brew was located in the charming and sleepy Lucky Heights estate. A good hideout for local East-enders. Cute Cute and Cuchi remembered admiring a couple of quaint, old-school bungalows borne from a bygone era as they headed to the low-key cafe for their caffeine fix.
Yes, it reminded them of similar joints tucked away in quiet private estates like Henry's Congressional and Carpenter and Cook but none so far could beat the lazy allure of this serene neighbourhood.  
Sweet Adieu ... ...
Quiet charm of Lucky Heights estate off
Upper East Coast Road
Full-length glass panels for  people-watching

Tiramisu in a Jar
Home-made ice-cream

Long Black
Cafe Latte
Chorizo penne pasta

The Lions' favourite heritage bungalow in the district.
They wished they lived there. 

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