Monday, October 22, 2012

Top 10 Things to Do in Languid Laos

Hello folks! It's been a week since the Lions' intrepid expedition to the Languid Land of Laos ....
They had one of the best vacations in this little-known gem of a country,
and of course had fun hunting down that perfect cup of java
while checking out a mosaic of breath-taking sights.
Before unveiling the Top 10 Things to Do in Laos,
here's some snapshots of them
clowning around with their favourite ginger friend, Monster Cat,
before the take-off:   

You're my favourite furry pals ...

Playing and taking a swip at Cute Cute's tail
Auf Wiedersehen! Have fun travelling!
Lion's Guide to Top Ten Things to Do in Languid Laos
(according to their experiences, no order of merit)
1. Numero Uno
Taking a stroll down Vientiene's Champs-Elysees
before reaching the capital city's
Arc de Triomphe modelled after the
original in Paris.
Climb to the top for a paranomic view of the city.
2. Numero Dos
Succumb to the sybaritic pleasure of a
Traditional Lao Massage.
The lions indulged in a two-and-a-half hour spa session
at the
Papaya Spa in Vientiene.

3. Numero Tres

Ready, Steady, Go!
Take a swim or dive in Tarzan-style in a waterfall pool.
4. Numero Cuatro
Witness a time-honooured tradition not found
anywhere else in the world:
The giving of alms to saffron-clad monks
at the break of dawn.
5. Numero Cinco
Try Beer Lao and Nam Khong Beer on tap
brewed on homeground using
locally-grown barley!

6. Numero Seis 
Tube down the Namsong River in Vang Vieng
amidst an amazing limestone karst backdrop.
7. Numero Siete 
Fall under a sleepy spell
as you laze the day away
on a hammock, true laid-back Laotian style.
According to an old saying,
"The Vietnamese plant rice,
the Cambodians watch it grow
and the Lao listen to it grow.”
8. Numero Ocho
Explore and fall in love with the heady beauty of
the UNESCO heritage town, Luang Prabang,
with her lovely colonial buildings of
varying personalities.
9. Numero Nueve
Behold the most impressive caves in the region;
the rest of the insipid caves in Asia
pales in comparison to the magnificience
of these hidden wonders.
The lions were even accompanied by an
intelligent guide dog to these caves.
10. Numero Diez
Cycle to small artisan villages where
the tedious traditions of handmade arts and crafts
are heart-warmingly preserved and
passed down.
(Top: Paper-making/
Bottom: Hands-on weaving class conducted
at Oct Pop Tok)
Due to time-contraints, there are many more deserving activites that
belong on this list. Eg. Visiting the Plain of Jars, zip-lining through the
forest, enjoying the sights of coffee plantations in the Bolaven Plateau, etc.
Cute Cute and Cuchi have already planned for a repeat visit
sometime next year.


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