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Understated Elegance at LP + Tetsu

This is a long-delayed post! Following a meal with Mr Business Times, Cute Cute and Cuchi's curiosity was piqued when Mr BT waxed lyrical about his dining experience at a restaurant named LP + Tetsu. It is not often that Mr BT would rave about any restaurant given his fussy palate. His main gripe was that this fine-dining establishment was too low-key despite the good ambience, value-for-money set menus and excellent service.
Time to get your shy bunny butts outta hole
and start exploring!
Following his fervent recommendation, and after checking out the potential damage to their kitty purses, the two lions made their way there for lunch to celebrate the birthday of their homeland - the Lion City.  
Many renowned fine-dining establishments and their Michelin-star decorated chefs have, in recent months, made the Lion City a base to showcase their culinary flair in Asia. Latest news on the grapevine was that even Chef Jamie Oliver would be jumping on the bandwagan.
LP+Tetsu, a collaboration between one-Michelin-starred chef, Laurent Peugeot and home-grown Food Junction Holdings Limited (surprised?), is discretly tucked away on the third floor of Tanglin Mall. Hmm... an unconventional choice of location for such an establishment compared to the current trend of high profile restaurants taking root in glitzy, mammoth landmarks. 

Cosy interiors:
Modern sleek lines with Asian contemporary touch
Anyways, as mentioned, LP+Tetsu is a contemporary French-Japanese fine dining restaurant helmed by Chef Laurent Peugeot of the 1-Michelin starred Le Charlemagne in Burgundy, France. This is his first restaurant collaboration outside France.
Pick from these choices:
1) Encounters (lunch only): 3-course set menu for 45 dollars. Add 15 dollars for a glass of red or white wine and choice of coffee or Japanese green tea.
2) Simply LP + Tetsu (lunch & dinner): 6-course set menu for 98 dollars.
3) Wander & Savour (lunch & dinner): 7-course set menu for 138 dollars.

4) Ala carte menu with mains starting from 30 to 60 dollars.

Since it was their first visit, the lions chose the Encounters set menu with wine and coffee.
An ornamental jar of water with a fish to accompany
you for lunch. Hmm relaxing... but cannabalistic pleasure
if we tuck into fish for lunch, no?
Love the simple but chic table setting with
utensils held in stones.

Regal detail on plates.
Matcha salt flakes

Brioche that had the texture of a croissant
above a mini French baguette
Nori seaweed olive oil to dip your bread in
followed by an amuse bouche of three
liquid-infused orbs. Handle them delicately
and you will be rewarded with flavorful bursts of
tomato, celeriac and zucchini in your mouth. 

Cauliflower Cream with sesame wasabi espuma
Salmon Sushi with tumeric and soy pearl

Caramelised Mackerel with bamboo shoot
Rice in Tube
Iberico Pork with mushrooms, giner and honey onions
French Cheese Box
with apple marmalade and melted reblochon cheese

Standard Nespresso Coffee
Hey deja vu but this time these happy gobules
contain, not savoury, but sweet bursts of goodness:
 raspberry, cardamom and chocolate 
OMG! This came with the coffee ...
Multi-tiered plates of sinful delights!
Favourite: the unadulterated Hokkaido brown sugar.
It had a natural hint of chocolate flavour in it!
Close-up of the Hokkaido sugar
Panna Cotta with granita and caramelised apples

Mini Madeleines

Complimentary National Day Dessert:
sweetened tomatoes on sticky rice
with wasabi ice-cream
Chef de Cuisine, Franck Pelux
Overall, the Lions found the dining experience lovely and unpretentious. Special kudos to Sarah (Chef Franck's special other half) for her attentive and warm service. The food presented was deliciously straight-forward, portions were almost too generous (no complaints!) and nothing too alienatingly advant-garde. They were also surprisingly stuffed after the meal having came expecting miniscle fine-dining portions. Highly recommended restaurant that goes easy on the wallet as well.

For those who are interested in going there, here is the address:

163 Tanglin Road
#03-18 Tanglin Mall
Singapore 247933
Tel: 6836 3112

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