Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lord of the Bakes

The Lions have always wanted to try Baker and Cook as this artisan bakery is well-known for her delish Kiwi bakes by celebrity baker, Dean Brettschneider from New Zealand. Nestled in the serene neighbourhood of Hillcrest Avenue, Baker and Cook is situated right at the far corner - a great nook to indulge in a sport of people-watching.

Too bad for this hungry doggy who was watching the customers of Baker and Cook.
The interior of Baker and Cook is regretfully small where one wooden communal table occupies much of the space. Most of the seats are located alfresco and it can get pretty humid and hot during the afternoons so time your visits wisely during the cooler early mornings or evenings.

The woes of being popular.

Coffee is served from beans sourced by a Kiwi roastery -
Allpress Espresso.

Take vicarious pleasure in viewing the army of dedicated
bakers lovingly creating pastries, etc through the huge
glass windows.

New Zealand celebrity baker, Dean Brettschneider, mingling with
fans of his lovely treats. He can even be seen clearing tables and
plates - a very hands-on boss indeed. Cute Cute is impressed by
his work ethic.
The Lions were in awe of the sheer amount of breads and sweet treats that Baker and Cook has to offer. They even serve breakfast sets, along with sandwiches, quiches and salads.

There were so many choices that the Lions took a long time deciding what they should try.

Cherry Tart
There's mixed reviews for this. Cuchi found the tart too sweet and was not particularly fond of it being filled with jam rather than fresh cherries. However Cute Cute found it delectable.

One of the gems of Baker and Cook -the canale here is no pushover but comes in an impressive size. Chewy on the outside but soft on the inside. Full of flavor with a hint of sweet rum. The lions actually came back solely for the canales on a couple of occasions as good canales are rather rare on this island. 

The latte was pretty normal but it does go well with the sweet pastries in Baker and Cook.

Long Black
Same goes for the long black. Normal and smooth, complements the rich pastries well.

Thai Green Curry Pie with Brown Rice Salad
The pie was a real delight. Savory and sweet, encasing a kick-ass thai chicken curry stew. The rather chewy and hard brown rice salad was an acquired taste and the lions found it too "healthy"for their liking.

Greek Quiche
Feeling adventurous, Cute Cute also ordered a Greek Quiche to try and that turned out to be a good pick. The Greek Quiche was chockful of fresh ingredients like olives, tomatoes and fresh herbs.

Baker and Cook is stocked to the brim with an abundance of items that are worth trying. Despite the celebrity chef status, the place is a great casual hang-out for friends and family. The quality of pastries and bakes are maintained at a high level.

On a separate visit, Dean was also seen conducting an intimate baking class with a bunch of enthusiasts eager to tap on his expertise to unlock baking secrets, so aspiring bakers should check their website out for updates.

Here is our review for Baker and Cook:

Food Quality: 8.5 pawprints out of 10
Coffee Quality: 7.0 pawprints out of 10
Ambience: 7.0 pawprints out of 10
Specials that you should try: Canale, Green Curry Pie, Quiche

For those who are interested in going there, here is the address:

Baker and Cook
77 Hillcrest Road,
Singapore 288951

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